MEDIA SILENT: Leftists Turn Rage On Washington, #ShutDownDC Radicals Park Military Tank In Streets Of Nation’s Capitol [VIDEO]

(Rallying Patriots) – Hypocrisy strikes again. This time in Washington DC where radical left activists organized a “protest” which involved shutting down streets and causing chaos to traffic patterns and commuters.

These activists aren’t so happy with the Biden regime since virtually none of their wish list has come to fruition.

Sure, “humanity” has been restored to the southern border which is an absolute sh*t show now with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pouring into our country monthly. It’s just not enough to appease the radical leftists. Far from it.

On Tuesday, they took their rage to the streets of DC, blockading streets and bringing traffic to a halt.

WTOP shared a series of images showing the blocked roads and warned that “activists” were out demanding action from Congress in regards to “climate, healthcare, immigration and voting rights.”

You can roll your eyes now. It’s only going to get more absurd.

The WTOP report continued on and explained that a group of “protesters” had also “began marching on Capitol Hill” to demand action from Congress.

According to WTOP, Codepink, Extinction Rebellion, ShutDownDC, SPACEs In Action, Arm in Arm Washington DC, CCAN Action Fund and Action Rebellion DC were involved in the traffic disruption demonstration.

The Washingtonian further reported that the protesters apparently wanted to make it a “nightmare traffic day,” adding that instead of directing the protest at the decision-makers, they targeted “a larger and generally less powerful cohort: DC commuters.”

The activists used rallies, props, and marchers as blockades to traffic.

“There were a dozen or so protesters around each spot at 4th St. and Independence Ave SW, Pennsylvania Ave and Constitution Ave. NW, and Stanton Park,” the report said, adding that police directed traffic around blockages and at least one protester was arrested for standing in the street with a sign.

One of the activists, Sophia Geiger, said the goal was to “disrupt business-as-usual sufficiently.”

The report said police directed traffic around the blockages, and at least one protester was arrested for standing in the street with a sign.

In addition to the aforementioned demands, the demonstrators were also seeking congressional action in regards to racial injustice, childcare, and DC statehood, according to NBC in Washington.

“If we can make sure that we’re building back better for the whole society, for all of America, we can make sure we’re lifting people up,” was the claim from Ladon Love of SPACEs in Action.

As Fox News’ Host Tucker Carlson aptly pointed out, this was an “insurrection” by the definition used by Democrats, however, this insurrection is just fine since those involved vote the right way.

“If you’ve been paying attention for the past year – eleven months to the day in fact – you probably assume our elected officials vehemently oppose this. They’re against insurrections. In fact, at this point, insurrections are the main thing they’re against. Their whole job is to oppose insurrection.”

But he said in this case, Democrats apparently are comfortable with an “insurrection.”

He cited a comment from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “top bodyguard, William J. Walker, the House Sergeant at Arms,” who said it was a “first amendment demonstration.”

After highlighting the hypocrisy between the way this incident was treated versus the way the Jan. 6 events unfolded, he said, “You don’t have to love Donald Trump to find this sickening and scary. Do you really want to live in a country where Nancy Pelosi and Bennie Thompson, crazed partisans with no interest in the United States Constitution, can seize your bank records, your text messages, your diary, simply because they don’t like who you voted for in the last election? Most Americans don’t want to live in a country like that. A country like that is Haiti. But suddenly it’s America.”

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  1. It is obvious that an “insurrection” is not an “insurrection” when it is enacted by Communist Democrats or others of the left! The riots and actual insurrections of the last year since the death of George Floyd proves that the Communist Democrats do not actually care about “insurrection’s”!!!
    Stay Safe and Stay Well! Avoid vaccinated weaponized citizens who do not realize they are dangerous Typhoid Mary’s!!! Above all please, please avoid all Communist Democrats since it has been determined that mental illness can be contagious!!
    Enjoy this day and all days in the future that we remain FREE!!!

  2. When I started reading this, I immediately told my wife that the democRATS were behind this all the way. It as Pelosi and the democrats fingerprints all over it. What a total disgrace the democrats have become.


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