Marxist BLM Threatens Legal Action Against One Of Their Own Activists After Call For Finances Investigation

(Rallying Patriots) – Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization backed by globalist George Soros. They’re only goal is to sow discord, chaos and division for the purpose of lawlessness and breaking down American society.

They are not genuinely concerned with the lives of black people in America at all. As a matter of fact, instead of encouraging and empowering black people, all BLM has done is convince them that they’re nothing but victims of “white supremacy” and there is nothing they can do to control their own fate.

Every time a black person is shot and killed by police, BLM stokes the flames of hate and anger, no matter the circumstances surrounding the police-involved killing.

It doesn’t matter to BLM that those who are tragically killed by the police are suspected or known criminals that refuse to comply and cooperate with police orders.

BLM insists that America is a horrible, racist nation where black people just cannot live freely and be successful.

So, when Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors spent over $4 million on a collection of lavish, secluded properties in some of the whitest zip codes in America, those within local BLM chapters naturally became skeptical about the organization’s finances.

BLM’s supposed mishandling has been an issue with local chapters around the US for quite some time. The complaint is always the same and that’s that the organization does not dole out adequate cash flow for the work these chapters do in the name of BLM.

Hawk Newsome, leader of the Black Lives Matter group in Greater New York City, has made the call for an investigation into the spending habits of the national BLM organization.

Newsome reportedly told the New York Post, “If you go around calling yourself a socialist, you have to ask how much of her own personal money is going to charitable causes.”

Newsome is pushing for “black firms and black accountants” to conduct an audit of BLM Global Network Foundation to “find out where the money is going.”

A massive chunk of it is clearly going into Khan-Cullors’ bank account which is allowing her to live a privileged and isolated life away from the very people she supposedly cares about and fights for.

“It’s really sad because it makes people doubt the validity of the movement and overlook the fact that it’s the people that carry this movement,” Newsome added.

Many Americans doubt the validity of BLM on the basis of their outlandish and absurd objectives and their radical Marxist agenda. The fact that it seems that those at the top of BLM are only using the organization as a means to procure wealth only solidifies what many already believe to be true.

BLM is clearly feeling threatened. The national organization is labeling the accusations and calls for an investigation as evidence of “white supremacy” and says the “false and dangerous story” is being pushed by “right wing forces.”

Such a typical leftist response. When the truth is on the verge of being exposed, just deflect and claim to be victims of “white supremacy.” Should we expect anything less from the leaders of BLM?

BLM claims that Newsome “is not and has never been a part of the official Black Lives Matter organization, but continues to use BLM’s name even after sending him multiple cease and desist letters,” they added that “any mention of him as a leader is not factual.”

BLM’s communications department also further notes that “Only BLM chapters who adhere to BLM’s principles and code of ethics are permitted to use the BLM name,” and apparently receive funds from the organization.

Newsome responded to the comments by BLM and pointed out how they changed the narrative, saying, “So the issue has become my affiliation and not the use of funds. Interesting.”

Newsome also pointed out that “This movement belongs to the people,” and added, “It is for the people and by the people. It is the people that take to the streets and march in the name of BLM. No one has ownership of that. It is the equivalent of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. claiming ownership of the civil rights movement.”

Indeed, Newsome does have a point. The Daily Caller reports that BLM does not own any rights to the name and that the US Patent and Trademark Office routinely rejects applications to trademark the name.

BLM is nothing more than a Marxist organization out to protect their own interests above and beyond anything else.

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  1. This is a criminal terrorist organization and needs to be immediately investigated by the DOJ for criminal activities and fraud. It’s obvious to anyone reading these news stories that these so called leaders are enriching themselves at the expense of their constituents much like most Democratic congress people and our senile demented President does. It’s time to take action.

  2. Everyone keeps leaving the word off their NAME, the factual name is “only Black Lives Matters”. The word “only” is a “given” or at least assumed when the phrase “black lives matters” is used. This is what makes the organization a racist organization, the fact are not up for debate.


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