Marine Veteran Being Politically Persecuted After Police Waved Him And Others Into The US Capitol On Jan. 6

(Rallying Patriots) – The Jan. 6 Capitol riot opened the door for political persecution in America. Democrats have been using the overly exaggerated incident to paint all Trump supporters as criminals and “threats to democracy.”

They attempted to set up a 9/11-style commission that would have essentially only furthered the political persecution and while Democrats weren’t able to get enough support from Republicans to see the commission established, the corrupt FBI is still doing their bidding.

Arizona resident Micajah Jackson was present at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and has since been arrested by the FBI. Jackson sat down and spoke with The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson concerning his ordeal and the political persecution he has experienced firsthand.

Jackson is currently facing charges for “violent entry” and “disorderly conduct” on Capitol grounds but he’s claiming he’s innocent and was actually let inside the Capitol complex by police officers along with hundreds of others.

Jackson told Conradson that he was visited by the FBI on March 24th. During that visit the FBI questioned him about being affiliated with Proud Boys, which he says he is not.

He went on to say that “about a month and a half” later they were still probing Jackson about being associated with Proud Boys. He said on May 18, he “went to the FBI building over in downtown Phoenix, turned myself in, got arrested, got booked, stayed 30 hours, I had court the next day, and I was released. Now I’m just following pre-trial services, and my next court date is set for July 23rd, and I will be pleading not guilty.”

Jackson explains that on Jan. 6 he was walking to the Capitol with a massive group of Trump supporters and saw “cops waving people in and they moved the gate.”

He says when he got to the Capitol “the doors were open and there were people standing in line and when I get inside there are cops high-fiving people, they’re shaking hands, they’re taking selfies holding people, they’re talking to people like normal…”

He added, “There were even three percenters protecting cops from the extreme people trying to fight the cops.”

Jackson recalled seeing “agitators” like “John Sullivan, the radical calling for Marxist revolution” from Utah. He also said there were individuals dressed in all black which he noted, “Trump supporters don’t dress up like that.”

He asserted that those who were committing violence were clearly agitators and not Trump supporters.

Despite being let inside by Capitol police who were clearly making friends with the crowd, and not committing any violence, Jackson is facing four misdemeanor charges including two counts of misdemeanor trespassing and two counts of “violently disorderly entering a capitol building without authorization,” as reported by TGP.

He says that if he is convicted of these charges he could “get kicked out of college” and it could go on his record. He explained his concerns of it coming up at job interviews and him not being able to get a job because employers won’t want to hire him due to his political views.

He described issues he’s already having because of the ordeal, saying, “I’m already dealing with marches [sic] professors at my college and they’ve already been calling us an insurrection, calling trump supporters Nazis in my classroom. It’s pretty awful but I’m just trying to get through…”

He told Conradson that he is a Marine veteran and is “100% disabled with PTSD and major depressive disorder.” He explained that while he was in service he was “sexually assaulted” and “physically assaulted on multiple occasions” and that’s why he is disabled.

Jackson also said that the media went after him and doxed him resulting in him and his friends and family “receiving threats.”

This is the way the establishment media, elected Democrat officials, and the FBI see fit to treat a veteran. Jackson clearly did nothing wrong and was only following the crowd and police directives.

He’s already been through enough. It’s utterly shameful the way he is being treated under Biden’s regime all because he showed up to support President Trump on Jan. 6 and express his concerns as an American citizen that our election was tampered with and stolen.

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