Man Goes Viral After Putting ‘Mortgage Payment’ Into RV Gas Tank Thanks To Joe Biden

(Rallying Patriots) – Just about every single person in the United States who owns a car has been openly sharing the sheer pain and agony of filling up their gas tank as the prices at the pumps hit insanely high prices, delivering a massive gut shot to most folks’ bank accounts.

However, one man’s fill up went viral on social media after it was revealed how much money it cost him to fill up his RV for a vacation trip to Florida. The amount of money this man had to pump into his vehicle will make your blood pressure explode through the roof.

According to a report from The Western Journal, a father from Chicago was recorded in a video by his daughter pumping gas, which cost him a staggering $944.85 to fill up. The video was then posted to social media platform TikTok where it went viral. The vehicle is a bus that was converted into a recreational vehicle.

“TikTok user @riley.14_ posted the video of her father’s painful experience at the pump for giggles on March 11,” the report said.


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“I thought it had potential, but nothing like how viral it went,” Riley went on to say during a chat with Fox News, which did not release the last names of both her and her father.

“I thought maybe, at most, like a million views… I’m very shocked,” she continued.

“On the grounds that misery is entertaining, the video has more than 16 million views, with some viewers likening the amount to paying a mortgage,” the report noted.

Riley’s dad, Mark, 52, stated that being a video star was “kinda crazy” for him and his family.

“It literally just blew up,” he said during the appearance on Fox News. “I’m still kind of shocked at all the publicity.”

Riley then posted up a follow-up vide that stated the first one was “not at all meant to be complaining.”

“We’re very fortunate and grateful, and we appreciate everything that we have,” she stated. “We’re very appreciative that we’re able to travel during these times and we were not looking for people to feel bad for us or anything.”

Mark then went on to say that when he bought the former bus back in 2020, filling it up cost between $300 and $400, which is a far cry from what he paid recently. That’s an absurd increase of almost $500. It’s total insanity. And Biden could fix this problem by making his focus on our nation becoming energy independent.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen $500, and then with the prices today — it was actually pretty shocking … reflecting back and looking at the gas pump at $944,” he stated, going on to say that the RV is used for family vacations.

“On Sunday, Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming said skyrocketing gas prices are no laughing matter,” the report noted.

“Well, Joe Biden can’t hide from the fact that he is the president of high gas prices,” Barrasso went on to say on the ABC News show “This Week.”

“And they’re looking for anyone to blame, whether it’s [Russian leader Vladimir] Putin, whether it’s Republicans, whether it’s energy companies, whether it’s COVID, the Democrats have a very big problem with 40-year high inflation, highest gas prices ever,” he stated.

“When Joe Biden came into office it was $2.38 a gallon for gasoline,” Barrasso remarked. “American families paid $1,000 more for energy last year than the year before.”

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