LEFT GOES WILD: Kyle Rittenhouse Is A Certifiable Rockstar

(Rallying Patriots) – The left is still in meltdown mode over the Kyle Rittenhouse trial which ended in “not guilty” verdicts, despite the mob demanding his head. It was clear to the jury that Rittenhouse acted in self defense when he shot and killed two men, injuring a third, the night of the Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots.

Now, Rittenhouse is a free man and joined Monday’s AmericaFest in Phoenix, Arizona, hosted by Turning Point USA. Rittenhouse took the stage like a Rockstar with his own intro music and pyrotechnics.

The way his trial ended is truly something to celebrate. Instead of the woke, progressive mob determining the outcome through threats of violence, justice was actually done.

Rittenhouse joined conservative commentators Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, and others on Monday to discuss his victory.

See a backstage view below:

Naturally, leftists on Twitter had a tantrum over Rittenhouse’s appearance and the love the crowd showed him. Never mind the fact that this young man was just on trial for his life and many, many Americans sympathized with that fact and shared his relief and joy at being found not guilty.

The left had to twist it all into something that it wasn’t.

One leftist Twitter account that goes by the name “AZ Right Wing Watch” posted footage of the event and whined and complained about the way in which Rittenhouse was treated saying that he was greeted by “thousands of cheering fans.”

“He even gets his own Kyle Rittenhouse-themed song to come out to,” the account wrote.

According to a liberal reporter who attended the event, “The crowd for Rittenhouse was surreal. People near me came to AmFest just to see him, a teen by me couldn’t stop saying ‘based’ once he was on stage. They asked if any of the women in the crowd wanted to go on a date with him & there were loud cheers. Someone had a ‘kiss me’ sign.“

During his interview, Rittenhouse suggested he would be suing the mainstream media companies that smeared him and slandered his name before and during the trial.

He explained how he had spoken with Nicholas Sandmann who recently successfully sued CNN and NBC for millions of dollars after they slandered him. Sandmann gave Rittenhouse insight on pursuing legal action which he should do immediately and not just the MSM outlets but the so-called president as well who shamelessly called Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” despite the fact that this case had nothing to do with color at all.

Other leftists on social media were clearly on the verge of their heads exploding as they watched Rittenhouse’s reception while an NBC headline read, “Kyle Rittenhouse speaking at Turning Point USA conference sends a dangerous message.”

“Whether or not you agree with the verdict is one thing; glorifying someone who fatally shot two people and injured another (even though acquitted) is another,” the article states.

A writer for the Guardian and Observer wrote on Twitter, “This is so dark. Kyle Rittenhouse being feted as an American hero. This is Turning Point USA. Their $$$ all over UK politics too… America is in so much trouble but so are we.”

A Los Angeles Fox News anchor seemed upset that Kyle is “now seen as a hero by some activists on the right.”

The editor-in-chief for pop culture magazine Complex said Rittenhouse’s “Wrestlemania-quality entrance” is proof we “live in a hellscape.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes called the scene “despicable and ominous.”

The left is so melodramatic. It’s just not even funny anymore.

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