Leaked: Amazon Employees Forced To Brand Themselves With Special Vaccine Sticker To Stop Wearing Face Masks

(Rallying Patriots) – It’s easy to identify as a fully vaccinated person when going out and about in public. Stores aren’t chomping at the bit to demand proof of vaccination from their patrons. Going to work, however, is a different story.

The National File has obtained leaked photographs taken from a source at Seattle’s Amazon headquarters that show how the company is marking vaccinated employees so they no longer have to wear face masks while on the job.

The second-class citizens who have chosen not to get the experimental, dangerous vaccines will still be forced to don the mask.

Amazon plans to issue employees who have been fully vaccinated a green checkmark sticker that they can proudly display on their body to indicate their obedience and submission to the COVID-19 overlords.

Those without the sticker will now be singled out and left vulnerable to personal attacks as they will still be forced to wear face masks.

Segregation is really making a comeback in 21st century America!

In photographs obtained by the National File (here and here), a corporate communication reveals to employees that “starting May 24 fully vaccinated U.S. corporate employees will no longer be required to wear face coverings at the office”, however, there’s no honor system at Amazon.

Company employees will be required to provide proof of their vaccination status and then carry around with them their green checkmark sticker at all times.

Employees are instructed to visit Amazon’s company portal, “follow the instructions to verify your vaccination” and then they “will receive a green check mark screen in A to Z.”

Employees will then have to show their green check mark screen to Reception “who will provide you with a sticker” to be displayed “on the back of your badge.”

Amazon employees who have chosen “not to be vaccinated” are informed that the “current CDC and local government guidance require you to wear a face covering while in the office” and any employees who don’t want to do that or are unable to are asked to continue working from home “until June 30, 2021,” a magical, arbitrary date pulled out of thin air.

Any employees who buck back against this latest instruction by Amazon will be confronted by management.

The leftist company recommends that their employees wear “3-ply face coverings” and “choose a face cover with a nose wire” to prevent any air from getting in or out.

They also recommend wearing two face masks “if comfortable and not impactful to your ability to breathe.”

Recently, Bezos came under fire after employees at an Alabama facility criticized the company and said that employees are treated like “prisoners” and “robots.” Bezos said these statements were “not accurate.”

Of course, the feel Bezos is going for at his facilities is not so much “robots” and more “Nazi Germany.”

Amazon represents the beacon of wokeness and government submission and obedience in America.

Those of us who chose not to be slaves to the radical left’s COVID-19 narrative are subject to segregation and possible ostracization and public shaming at the workplace.

What has become of America?

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