Latest COVID Vaccine PSA Devolves Into Doctors Yelling “Shut The F**k Up” And “Get The Vaccine”

(Rallying Patriots) – With the COVID ordeal came the insistence that Americans must live their lives by the words and guidance of the “experts.” Of course, the only “experts” that are acceptable to listen to are the ones approved by the left and, guess what? They’re all saying the same thing.

Dissent is no longer permitted. Free-thinking is shamed. Experts who disagree with the left’s “experts” and their medical and scientific “facts” are silenced, ostracized and shunned.

Americans have been told for the past year to shut up and comply. Shut up and wear the mask. Shut up and social distance. Shut up and go against common sense health practices in order to be good, obedient citizens. Shut up and do it for others.

Now, the ultra-liberal TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is bringing Americans yet another message: “shut up and take the vaccine.”

This message ramps up the pro-vaccine rhetoric using a group of medical doctors and professionals who devolve into shouting obscenities and degrading the intelligence of Americans.

Seems like an effective strategy.

Kimmel aired the recorded message on his show after informing his audience that around 26% of Americans have said they outright refuse to get the vaccine. Despite the fact that the left’s “experts” claim that herd immunity will be reached when around 70% of Americans are vaccinated, unhinged leftists won’t be satisfied until everyone bows down, surrenders and gets the jab.

Kimmel says that he understands that “people are skeptical of politicians and celebrities telling them what to do but we should listen to doctors.”

Ah yes. Because now doctors (the ones approved by the left) are infallible and we are required to listen to and adhere to everything they demand of us, no matter how much it violates what we know to be true.

Kimmel then says that they “asked some real doctors and nurses to offer their best advice to those who are on the fence about the vaccine,” adding, “pay attention, because this is important.”

A clip then begins to play featuring a series of individuals who claim to be doctors and nurses touting their credentials and reciting their work history.

They gradually go into mocking Americans who openly discuss their hesitation and skepticism over the vaccines on social media and that quickly devolves into these medical “experts” yelling expletives and essentially bullying Americans into compliance.

In reference to your friends on Facebook who share negative information regarding the vaccines, one female doctor says, “tell them to shut the f*** up!” and then proceeds to flash her middle finger to the camera.

The same doctor later says, “Just grow the f*** up and get the vaccine.”

All of the doctors yell into the camera when it’s their turn “get the vaccine.”

The entire video is a montage of reasons why Americans are refusing to get the vaccine. This is nothing more than shameful, leftist propaganda aimed at bullying people into submission and compliance.

Who on earth is this supposed to actually convince to get the vaccine? No one. That’s the point. It isn’t meant to be a serious effort to help people decide whether or not to get the vaccine. It’s meant to mock and ridicule Americans who are still brave enough to think for themselves.

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