Kamala Harris Speaking With Different Accents Goes Viral!

(Rallying Patriots) – Well, it looks like Kamala Harris is making headlines again, and yes, before you even ask, it’s for something really stupid. Why else would she be getting any media attention? It sure isn’t because of the fantastic work she’s doing as the vice president, because, to be frank, she hasn’t done anything.

According to The Western Journal, it seems as if Harris got a look at recent poll numbers that reveal she’s even less liked than Biden, which staggers the mind, and decided that if she wants to have even a slim chance of potentially replacing him in a few years, she better start the pandering now.

“In a speech Monday, Harris had what she called an ‘off-script’ moment that sounded painfully scripted — and with an accent we almost never hear her speaking in, to boot,” the report said.

“Perhaps it was because this was at an event that marked the end of Black History Month. Perhaps, too, she and other Democrats have noted that black voters seem to be slowly but surely coming over to the GOP,” the report continued.

“Perhaps, too, the White House was realizing that President Joe Biden’s nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court hadn’t distracted many Americans from the administration’s failures on Ukraine. And as for the White House’s push for voting reform legislation, forget it; that’s about as dead in the water as it can get,” the WJ report stated.

All of this might have been on Harris’ mind as she approached the mic on Monday, especially since she seemed to hit every single one of those points in a minute-and-a-half, all the while punctuating them with a ridiculously cringy accent.

The whole thing started by first lady Jill Biden “accidentally” calling her the “president of the United States,” who then told the audience, “I just said that to make you laugh.”

A few minutes in, Harris then began to decry what she referred to as the “assault on the freedom to vote — the freedom from which all others flow.” Well, actually, freedoms come from God, but I digress.

“It will take an all-hands-on-deck approach to safeguard and strengthen the freedom to vote. And the president and I are committed to securing that freedom, as is everyone here,” she went on to say.

“This, of course, is defined as passing the Democrats’ voting overhaul, which is sunk in the Senate so long as the Democrats can’t find a way to either blackmail Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona — who voted against invoking the so-called ‘nuclear option’ to do away with the filibuster on legislation pertaining to ‘voting rights’ — or figuring out a way to replace them with convincing androids. The first would have been tried already if it could be done, the second probably requires a bit more work from DARPA,” the WJ report continued.

“And that is why I felt such pride and such hope — understanding how votes lead to action through elections — it is why I felt such pride and such hope this past Friday when President Joe Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson … to sit on the United States Supreme Court,” Harris continued.

“Because, as we all know, elections matter. And when folks vote, they order what they want,” she went on to add. “And in this case, they got what they asked for!“

“I went off-script a little bit,” she said, breaking into giggles.

Wow. Is that what qualifies as going “off-script” for her? Yikes.

The writer of the Western Journal piece then delivers one heck of a zinger by writing, “That wild and crazy Kamala! Nobody tells her what to do. No, seriously, no one does; her only real boss is the guy in the Oval Office, except most days she can probably persuade him to play with the model Amtrak set in the East Wing basement instead of giving her any instructions.”

Hilarious, right? Unfortunately, it’s probably one-hundred percent correct, which is a terrifying thought.

But you know, this “off-script” moment was incredibly painful to watch. And that accent…what the heck was that? Only a speech writer would enjoy something that awful, which is probably why a lot of folks are speculating the line was written by one.

There were a lot of questions about this little segment of the speech asked on social media.

“It wasn’t the first time Harris’ bizarre diction has left people wondering if she was pandering to her audience at the time. Remember her visit to the Institut Pasteur in Paris in November?” the WJ piece pointed out.

So cringe.

Is she really this awkward in real life? If so, yikes. This woman should never be allowed to speak in public again.

“And then there was Harris talking about how Americans had ordered what they wanted and gotten what they’d asked for. Former Daily Wire writer Beth Baumann noted that’s probably not what anyone in the Biden administration should be touting at the moment,” the report said.

If it’s true this is what Americans have asked for, then why do the polls tell a much different story? According to reports from RealClearPolitics concerning polling average, Biden is sitting at a 40.8 percent approval rating and 54.6 disapproval, meaning he’s 14 points below sea level so to speak.

Harris is sitting at 37.7 percent approval and a 51.9 percent disapproval, putting her 14.2 percent underwater.

“Of course, if America orders something different this November and the Republicans take control of one or both houses of Congress, we’re going to hear about how disenfranchisement was the root cause and we need that voting overhaul bill again,” the report said in conclusion.

Now, if you want to know how to make a political statement off the cuff without looking like a complete cringy idiot, look no further than Rep. Lauren Boebert, who rocked a shirt that said “Drill Baby Drill” on it, making a stand for our nation to become energy independent.

Take notes, Kamala.

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