Just In: Mike Lindell Is Filing Two Counter Lawsuits Against Dominion Voting Systems

(Rallying Patriots) – On Monday, Trump ally and conservative activist, My Pillow founder Mike Lindell made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room and made the announcement that he is filing a countersuit against Dominion Voting Systems.

Lindell’s countersuit is in response to Dominion’s announcement that they were going to sue him and others last month for $1.3 billion in “damages” caused by alleged defamation.

During the show, Lindell explained that he was going to bring two counter lawsuits against Dominion. One would be from My Pillow and the other would be by Mike Lindell as an individual.

He explained, “They’re both going to be a little bit different because what Dominion did is violate the rights of everyone in this country by using bullying lawsuits and RICO law.

Basically what they’re saying to news outlets is, “If you let this guy on we’re going to sue you!” That’s racketeering. That goes back to the mafia days.”

Dominion did, in fact, use lawsuits as a bullying technique to shut up anyone who dared contend that they helped rig and steal the 2020 presidential election.

Lindell has maintained that he has irrefutable proof against Dominion and even put out a scathing video in which he presented all of the evidence titled “Absolute Proof.” He appears to be one of the few people Dominion threatened who has refused to back down.

Dominion filed the $1.3 billion suit in a Washington DC federal court and alleged that Lindell and many others had harmed the company’s brand by disparaging the integrity of its machines with unproven claims.

The claims are only “unproven” because no law enforcement agency has cared to do their jobs. The FBI and DOJ have remained completely absent from all claims of election fraud and corruption.

Maybe if these corrupt Deep State agencies actually cared about America and the integrity of our elections, the claims made by Lindell and many others would be proven and the stolen election corrected.

That’s clearly nothing more than a dream at this point. President Trump successfully exposed the extent of corruption in the DC swamp and it’s become apparent that no one in our nation’s capital is fighting for America or the truth anymore.

Dominion even attempted to assert that there had been efforts to prove the fraud but they all came up short supposedly proving Dominion did nothing wrong.

“He is well aware of the independent audits and paper ballot recounts conclusively disproving the Big Lie,” reads the lawsuit. “But Lindell … sells the lie to this day because the lie sells pillows…”

…”Instead of retracting his lies, Lindell—a multimillionaire with a nearly unlimited ability to broadcast his preferred messages on conservative media—whined that he was being ‘censored’ and ‘attacked’ and produced a ‘docu-movie’ featuring shady characters and fake documents sourced from dark corners of the internet.”

Apparently Mike Lindell was so hard-pressed to sell his pillows that he has been relentlessly pursuing Dominion and the “Big Lie” just for that purpose.

If Dominion were being truthful, they’d actually have to admit that Lindell’s commitment to exposing the corruption that took place in the election has only cost him, not helped him.

He’s lost accounts with some of the biggest retailers in the US. He’s been sued and smeared. How exactly has the supposed “Big Lie” helped him sell pillows?

Dominion is exactly who Mike Lindell says they are and they had a direct hand in stealing the 2020 election from the American people. Good for Mike Lindell for refusing to back down.

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