It Begins: Major U.S. Newspaper Insists On Deploying National Guard To Keep Unvaxxed At Home

(Rallying Patriots) – The COVID vaccines have been a total and complete failure. They don’t work. To be clear, they do not stop the transmission of COVID; the vaccinated and boosted are still contracting the virus. The vaccines do not stop hospitalizations or death from COVID in populations that are at high-risk, you know, since they don’t work to begin with.

What’s more is that since the vaccines have hit the scene, death rates across the board have skyrocketed, insurance companies are reporting 40%-200% increases in deaths from causes unrelated to COVID.

In other words, the vaccines are killing far more people than they’re saving because they don’t work and they’re dangerous.

These facts, however, aren’t stopping insane radical leftists from insisting that everyone in America needs to get vaccinated and boosted. Some on the left are even calling for the National Guard to be activated for the sole purpose of keeping unvaccinated Americans from leaving their homes.

You cannot make this stuff up.

The editorial board of the Salt Lake Tribune is calling for the government to use the National Guard to keep Americans who have not subjected themselves to the experimental COVID shots at home.

The editorial lamented the newspaper board’s frustration that the government has not done MORE to force Americans into submission where the vaccines are concerned.

Clearly, these radicals want more tyranny and more totalitarianism. This is totally sick.

“We might have headed off omicron with a herd immunity-level of vaccinations, but that would have required a vaccination mandate, which our leaders refused,” the board complained. “Instead, we get, ‘No one could have seen this coming.’ That is patently untrue. They were told what to do, and they refused.”

The board continued, “Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere.”

The unhinged commentary warned that Utah is “waving the white flag of surrender in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Gov. Spencer Cox and the new state epidemiologist, Dr. Leisha Nolen, let it officially be known Friday morning that there are so few tests available in the state, and so many people who reasonably fear that they have contracted the coronavirus, that anyone who is feeling the kind of symptoms associated with the disease should just assume they are infected and stay home,” the commentary said.

It has always been common since to stay home when you’re not feeling well but apparently, now, it’s only when you have COVID. Then again, every symptom of any illness now points to “COVID.” Everything is COVID.

Maybe if people stopped running out to get tested at the first sign of the sniffles, there wouldn’t be so much COVID. Especially considering the PCR tests have already been proven to be totally unreliable.

Look, if you’re sick, stay home and rest until you feel better. If you’re healthy, you can handle being sick. It’s not going to kill you. Stop believing the lies and STOP GETTING TESTED. You’re only perpetuating the so-called pandemic with every single test that is taken. Stop believing the lie that your illness needs a name.

I digress.

The commentary went on to say, “The elderly and those with underlying conditions are still encouraged to test. But the hope that the state’s schools could remain open with a test-to-stay policy (show a negative test and go to class, show positive or refuse and go home) can only be dashed when there are no tests to be had.”

It continued, “For more than two years now, officials at all levels and in all branches of our government have missed chance after chance to get a handle on this rapidly spreading and rapidly evolving virus. Rather than call for the kind of patriotic coming together that Americans responded to after Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we were assured that it was not a real problem, that it would ‘magically disappear,’ even that it was all a hoax, a plot to extend the power of the federal government and/or further enrich Big Pharma.

“Government officials, mostly but not exclusively Republicans, were apparently determined not to be caught governing in the face of this challenge. Any move or recommendation to mask up or, when safe and effective vaccines became available, to make vaccination a requirement of admission to public places and society in general was shouted down as an unwarranted imposition on individual freedoms.”

“Cox and others have correctly said that the best tool for fighting the spread of the virus, individually and collectively, was to get two — then three — doses of the vaccine. That is absolutely the correct advice,” the newspaper promoted.

My goodness, you would think the Black Plague had made a resurgence in the US and was killing two-thirds of the population.

Rest assured, folks, the sky is not falling. COVID is not the unbridled killing machine these lunatics have made it out to be.

The editorial board at the Salt Lake Tribune have clearly bought into the fear-mongering and propaganda. They’re terrified. They’re enraged that the federal government has not done more to force the shots on Americans.

“President Joe Biden tried to pull a couple of useful levers by ordering vaccine mandates for health care workers and vaccine-or-test rules for workplaces of more than 100 employees. The U.S. Supreme Court this week upheld the former while quashing the latter, foolishly holding that a communicable disease is not a workplace hazard,” it said.

A “communicable disease” that everyone with eyes and common sense can see is no more dangerous or deadly than the seasonal flu. Remember the flu?

Naturally, Americans didn’t take too kindly to the board’s absurdly tyrannical and totalitarian demands. A posting on a political blog slammed the board, saying, “While we view the scenes from Australia, Austria, and Germany with horror, the American radical left is jealous we don’t have those policies here. Although vaccinated individuals can also contract, transmit, and die of COVID complications, the wannabe authoritarians only want to punish non-compliant Americans,” it said.

“If you critically think and don’t follow the herd, they demonize you for not ‘following the science’ or ‘listening to the experts.’ They want to control every aspect of your life and lock you inside your home if given the authority.”

The post continued, “It’s scary that these anti-science, totalitarian-minded writers think they’re the good guys in the imaginary battle against COVID-19.”

Scary indeed.

The blog further went on saying, “These are people that would send you away to COVID-19 concentration camps if given the chance.”

It’s truly starting to feel like the radical left is desperate to find any reason they can to start sending fellow Americans to the box cars.

Until we wake up and come to terms with the fact that another American Revolution is needed to fight this current evil, the radicals are going to win.

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