“Isn’t It Just Theater?” Rand Paul Blasts Fauci Over Lack Of Science Behind Multi-Mask Absurdity

(Rallying Patriots) – Dr. Fauci is America’s biggest charlatan. While he believes he is the sole “expert” authority on COVID-19, the reality is he knows nothing outside of his own globalist agenda.

His goal is really quite simple: keep the American people in compliance and obedience for as long as possible. He cannot let the pandemic die because then he would be irrelevant and the American people would go back to living freely.

Fauci really doesn’t like to be called out on his lies and junk science. He has insisted that Americans who have been infected with COVID already or those who have received the vaccine should still wear a mask.

Fauci says that we should all be wearing masks for another few years. It’s absurd. When Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) called Fauci out on this ridiculous stance, Fauci didn’t take it too well.

Has no one informed Sen. Paul that Dr. Fauci is in charge?

During testimony on Thursday in front of members of Congress, Sen. Paul, a practicing physician, asked Fauci to prove why Americans need to continue wearing masks if they’re immune and called the mask-wearing charade “theater.”

Paul started off by citing several studies that proved there have “been no significant numbers of reinfections after acquiring COVID-19 naturally,” and that people actually gain long-term immunity after natural infection.

“So rather than being pessimistic towards people gaining immunity after they’ve had COVID, or had a vaccine, studies argue for significant optimism,” Paul told Dr. Fauci.

He then pointed out that there have been no scientific studies whatsoever “arguing, or proving, that infection with COVID does not create immunity” and wanted to know why.

“If we’re not spreading the infection, isn’t it just theater? You have the vaccine and you’re wearing two masks, isn’t that theater?”

Sen. Paul is absolutely right. The continued use of face masks is nothing more than political theater at this point. He wasn’t done with Fauci yet though. He went on to slam the health Czar for saying he wants to handle “vaccine hesitancy” but isn’t offering any incentive for people to go get vaccinated.

Paul suggested that Americans should be “rewarded” for getting vaccinated by not having to wear the mask any longer. He added that people don’t want to be told to wear a mask for another several years and added “there’s no science behind it.”

Fauci wasn’t happy with the presentation of facts by Sen. Paul.

He responded by arguing that it isn’t “theater” and mocked the idea.

“Here we go again with the theater,” a flustered Fauci replied, adding “let’s get down to the facts.”

Fauci made the argument for continued mask wearing saying that we should all be scared of the variants of COVID-19 that are supposedly emerging. Sen. Paul, however, pointed out that Fauci wants to make up policy “based on conjecture.”

It truly is absurd that now we’re being told that we have to fear “variants” of the virus that may or may not exist or be spreading. So now we have to live in fear of possible viruses. This isn’t the way free people are supposed to live.

Paul called Fauci out again over the wearing of masks after vaccination saying, “You’ve been vaccinated and you parade around in a mask for show. You can’t get it again!”

In the end, Fauci failed to provide any kind of scientific reason or facts to support his claim that all Americans should continue to wear a face mask for years to come. Instead he just insisted that “masks are not theater. Masks are protective.”

The American people have had enough of the COVID charade. It’s time for those of us who want to live free and not in fear to do so. Those who wish to allow their lives to be dictated by fear of a virus can continue to do that.

Enough really is enough already.

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