In Email To Fauci, NYT Reporter Said Americans Acted Like ‘Selfish Pigs’ During COVID, Unlike “Heroic” Chinese. Fauci Agreed.

(Rallying Patriots) – Former New York Times reporter Donald McNeil sent a long-winded email to Dr. Fauci back in February of 2020, when he was still employed by the leftist publication, praising the way in which Chinese citizens acted “heroically” in response to the pandemic while Americans behaved like “selfish pigs.”

Dr. Fauci seemed to agree with McNeil’s sentiments.

In McNeil’s assessment of the way in which the Chinese people responded to the outbreak, he cited a well-known state propaganda outlet for the Chinese Communist Party, much like how CNN and MSNBC are well-known state propaganda outlets for the radical Democrats.

“The truth is that a lot of average Chinese behaved incredibly heroically in the face of the virus,” wrote McNeil, after revealing he was basing this conclusion off of information he received from the CCP propaganda paper the South China Morning Post.

He continued on, saying, “Meanwhile, in America, people tend to act like selfish pigs interested only in saving themselves.”

McNeil then went on to point out how people in Alabama where President Trump “is popular” responded to the request to “take in” Americans who recently returned from China by saying “the answer is ‘No! Keep them out!’”

How dare the people of Alabama not want to openly embrace Americans who had just recently returned from China where the outbreak was producing devastating and terrifying headlines. Those darn selfish Trump supporters.

McNeil told Fauci that Americans would need to work together in a bipartisan way not seen since 9/11 or World War II in order to overcome the pandemic.

Fauci simply responded to McNeil by saying, “You make some very good points, Donald.”

It would certainly appear as though Fauci has a personal relationship with McNeil and that could likely be because of the fact that McNeil was the health reporter for the New York Times.

For 45 years McNeil wrote for the Times before he was fired for allegedly using a racial slur while traveling abroad on a student trip. McNeil is the typical leftist with the “do as I say, not as I do,” mindset.

One thing that Fauci and McNeil have in common is their allegiance to the CCP.

In another email received by Fauci, an unnamed scientist attempts to assert that China stopped counting COVID deaths in early January and that they were fabricating data with the intention to “(mislead) the world into a false sense of security.”

“China wanted the world to believe that their Herculean quarantining efforts contained the outbreak,” the physicist wrote, adding, “However, I don’t think this is true.”

He goes on to tell Fauci that he believes the deaths in China were “several orders of magnitude larger” than what Beijing was officially reporting. He also claims that COVID was already circulating in the US as of the fall of 2019 and that deaths from the virus were inaccurately being attributed as flu deaths.

This is incredibly important because during this time, woke politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Bill deBlasio were encouraging people to gather together in large groups to celebrate the Chinese New Year so as not to appear to be racist.

Fauci’s response?

“Too long for me to read.”

Guess Fauci didn’t want to have to admit he knew from the beginning that the CCP was lying and fudging the numbers.

Video: The Dr. Fauci Emails

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