“If They Don’t Have the Ballots, They Don’t Have the Victory,” Eric Greitens Drops a Truth Bomb the Left Doesn’t Want to Hear

(Rallying Patriots) – The Democrats have created so many lies and charades that they are forced to spend most of their time maintaining all of the disinformation they’ve put out there. 

Instead of working for what’s best for America, they’re too busy scheming, plotting, conniving, and hatching plot after plot to keep the American people deceived and distracted from their efforts to implement their radical, Communist agenda.

The Democrats are never accomplishing anything good for Americans because they have no time outside of keeping up the illusions. 

The 2020 election is one of the biggest and most obvious scams they’ve been working to maintain for months now. 

With the Arizona audit rapidly coming to a conclusion, the Biden regime is in an all-out panic. The Attorney General, on Friday, threatened that they’ll be watching and plan to scrutinize anyone they deem necessary in order to ensure the audits are lawful. 

Apparently, no one told AG Merrick Garland that federal elections are run by the state and he’s way out of his purview. Democrats are getting desperate and for good reason. 

Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens joined Steve Bannon on The War Room, Friday morning, and pointed out that when the Arizona audit concludes it’s going to be revealed that Democrats don’t have the votes and if they don’t have the votes they certainly don’t have the victory. 

Greitens, who is now running for a Missouri US Senate seat, wrote a piece for Newsmax urging all Americans to stop listening to the media propaganda outlets and pay close attention to what’s going on in Arizona, especially as the audit is set to finish June 14. 

On Friday, in speaking with Bannon, Greitens cut right to the chase.

“Here’s where it all breaks down. Really simple. If they don’t have the ballots in Arizona, they don’t have the victory.”

He went on to say, “What follows from that, is that Arizona then needs to decertify their electors. That’s the direction that this is headed. Everybody is going to be watching. Do they, in fact, have the ballots?” 

He dove further into the issue at hand and pointed out the “pattern” of leftists to attack those who speak the truth and reveal “inconvenient facts” only for the truth to come out in the end and their lies be revealed. 

“What is the left trying to do? This is all a part of a pattern. Think back to the Trump, Russia-collusion hoax. What did they say? For years, they said, anybody who says this was actually about Hillary Clinton and the Steele Dossier, they said that was all a conspiracy theory, but what happened at the end of the day, after years, it was proven that the right was right.” 

He also noted the Hunter Biden reports that the left deemed to be “Russian disinformation” and “smear campaigns.” 

“When it came to Hunter Biden, what did the left do? They brought out all of these fake intelligence officials to say that all of this stuff about Hunter Biden profiting from his deals, that all of that was part of a psy-op, that all of that was part of a foreign intelligence operation. It was a complete lie pushed by the left.”

“Again, the MAGA movement was right.” 

The pattern can be seen time and time again. Look at the Wuhan virus that the left insisted did not come from a lab in China and called anyone who suggested it did, a “conspiracy theorist.” In the end, the truth is coming out and it looks like the virus did, in fact, come from the Wuhan lab. 

“So, what you’re seeing again and again and again, is the left attacks people. They attack people who bring up facts that are inconvenient and that is exactly what is happening with the election.” 

He said they are attacking people because “they don’t want to deal with the statistical facts of what’s happening in this election.” 

What’s happening with the election is that we are on the brink of the truth being revealed in a concrete way that even the left won’t be able to deny and lie about any longer.

Buckle up. Things are about to get really interesting! 

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