Horror! Unvaxxed Parents In Australia Banned From Visiting Sick Children In Hospital

(Rallying Patriots) – The absurd COVID madness continues all around the world. Governments across the globe are still coming up with new and cruel ways to force citizens to submit to their will and get the experimental and ineffective COVID shots.

In Western Australia, this push has really taken things to a whole new level. Unvaccinated parents have been banned from visiting their own sick children in the hospital.

What’s even more deranged is that news anchors in the country have been celebrating the new rule in their reporting and calling it an excellent way to force unvaccinated people to “change their philosophy.”

Starting Monday, parents who have not received at least two doses of the vaccine will no longer be permitted to visit their own kids unless their child is on compassionate “end of life” grounds.

Their children literally have to be on their deathbed for their unvaccinated parents to be able to see them in Western Australia. How sick and twisted is that?

It’s hard to put into words just how evil this new rule is but what makes it even more hard to swallow is the pompous way in which it was welcomed by a host and her two guests on the Sunrise news show.

One male reporter called the rule “the ultimate test” for unvaccinated parents and asked “Could that be the trigger to make you change your mind and I guess that’s the force at play here.”

“Would it make you change your philosophy? Maybe it would and maybe that’s what the government are banking on,” he added.

Journalist Susie O’Brien grinned as she stated, “I’m all for this, this is not about the rights of parents, this is about the rights of the sick kids…to stay as safe as possible.”

Surely these sick children in the hospital are thrilled to be able to exercise their “right” not to see their own parents, you know, for their “safety.”

“If you are unvaccinated without a good reason, without a valid exemption, then you are gonna find your movements curtailed,” O’Brien smugly stated, adding that the government was right to “shock” and “challenge” people into “changing their philosophy, changing their action and get vaccinated.”

“People have had time, I mean really,” the news anchor stated as she ended the segment, as if time has been a factor in people’s decision not to submit to the COVID-19 vaccine experiment.

“The cruelty is the point,” remarked Mike Cernovich.

Cruelty, indeed. Just when you thought the COVID madness couldn’t get any more absurd. Australia is leading the pack in the department of COVID absurdity, that’s for sure.

Just another “mitigation” measure that will most certainly have far worse implications for those it purportedly protects than COVID itself.

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