HORROR: San Francisco Drug Overdose Deaths Nearly Triple COVID Deaths In 2020

(Rallying Patriots) – There is certainly a “pandemic” going on in many parts of the US but they are entirely unrelated to COVID.

Thanks to the Biden regime’s unwillingness to close up our southern border and take a strong stance against illegal immigration, dangerous drugs have been pouring into our country and the addiction and overdose epidemics are surging.

San Francisco, where law and order seem to be things of the past, is especially being hit hard by the realities of illegal drug use.

The number of overdose deaths in the Golden Gate City have nearly tripled that of COVID-related deaths in 2020.

According to city data, there were a total of 713 overdose deaths compared to 261 COVID deaths in 2020, a little fact the mainstream media wants nothing to do with.

“Bad is an understatement. I would say it’s horrific, it is negligent, it is an epidemic in and of itself, and it was not always this way,” Jenny Shao, a freelance multimedia video journalist and San Francisco native, told NTD Television.

Shao says drug overdoses have been an ongoing crisis for the city but have gotten much worse over the last five years.

“Before, you were able to walk through the streets… and you did not have to try and tiptoe over bodies not knowing whether they were dead or alive.” Shao said.

Shao continued, “And, also, you did not have to hopscotch through anything like drug paraphernalia … and you were not literally walking through a scene, of say, ‘The Night of the Living Dead.’”

The mother of a 32-year-old drug-addicted man in the city described it as a “Zombie Apocalypse.” Her son has been left homeless and physically “bent over” walking “like an old man” by his fentanyl addiction.

The once beautiful city is now described by many as a Third-World country with human waste and drug paraphernalia like needles littering the streets.

City officials have attempted to address the problem by distributing 4.45 million needles every year to drug abusers, according to a report from the Department of Public Health.

Over the summer, Mayor London Breed announced the city will invest $13.2 million to prevent drug overdoses by opening centers to provide beds and treatment for the intoxicated and expanding access to buprenorphine, an opioid used to treat opioid-addicted individuals.

The most recent effort by city officials has been to push for so-called “safe injection sites” which could start as early as the spring.

According to Shao, however, all of the city’s efforts are like putting a band-aid on the problem and “fast-tracking a way to self-destruction.”

“The idea is sobriety, and that’s the golden key,” Shao said. “You do not want to be dependent on these drugs. And from what I understand of these harm-reduction sites—as the city likes to call them—is that you are putting yourself at less risk, of say, overdose or harm. But, nevertheless, you are still locked in that state of constantly abusing yourself. And, so to speak, teetering on the border of death.”

Shao believes the city needs to spend more money investing in mental health programs and we’d have to agree.

San Francisco is an absolute mess. A true liberal dystopia.

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  1. You will never hear Nancy Pelosi speak about this. The mainstream media sure doesn’t want you to know the truth about this either.

  2. I find it funny that there was only 297 code deaths I heard there was like 2 million so what the fuck and who gives a fuck these California ignorant morons just keep voting Democrat Democrat Democrat and Democrat and Democrat and have destroyed California for the last 40 years it’s a good way to weed them out


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