HORROR! Fox News Analyst Announces His Brother Has Been Murdered In Chicago… PLEASE PRAY

(Rallying Patriots) – A new report from The Western Journal has revealed that a Fox News analyst’s brother was murdered in the south side of Chicago. If you are the kind of person who prays, please make sure to petition the Lord on behalf of this man. His life moving forward is going to be very, very difficult.

Gianno Caldwell announced the death of his brother on Twitter Saturday, describing it as the “worst day of my existence.”

The report revealed that Caldwell and his younger brother shared a very special relationship, with him looking up to Gianno as a father figure in his life.

“Caldwell subsequently confirmed that his 18-year old brother, Christian, had been fatally shot. He wants the justice system to hold those responsible accountable,” the report stated.

“What I’m looking for right now is details from the police to discover who it was that murdered my brother,” Caldwell went on to say. “My baby brother never had a chance.”

There’s a huge problem with gun violence in the city of Chicago, despite the fact it’s got some of the toughest gun control laws in the entire country. Guess bad guys don’t obey the law, do they?

Chicago has experienced a 55 percent increase in murders since 2020. That’s an enormous leap. And this despite the fact that getting and carrying a legal handgun in the city is nigh to impossible.

Things are so bad in the city that many of the folks who live there have decided to jump ship and move somewhere else, which is threatening its current position as a center of the American economy.

“Caldwell had previously described an incident in which his brother was attacked by gun-wielding men in 2017, according to Fox News. At the time, he recounted an interaction with a Democratic state representative representing a Chicago district,” the Western Journal reported.

State Rep. LaShawn Ford went on to tell Caldwell that the Democratic Party had “failed black people, especially because of the violence in Chicago.”

However, Caldwell then went beyond a call for justice, stating that he is willing to forgive the individuals responsible for the death of his brother.

“As a Christian who believes in forgiveness, who believes that there is a second path for people who could do something like this, all I want from my little brother, Christian, is justice. That’s it,” he said.

This is tragic and serves as an example that banning guns does not stop evil people from carrying out their wicked actions. Measures like that only create more victims.

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