Horror! Black Teens Brutally Beat Asian Student On Train For No Reason

(Rallying Patriots) – Stop Asian Hate! Unless, of course, the people engaging in the “Asian hate” are black. Their victim card trumps that of Asians so it’s acceptable hate.

At least this seems to be the mentality of a group of black teens in Philadelphia. The angry group of black girls was caught on film viciously beating an Asian girl on a train in the City of Brotherly Love on Wednesday for no apparent reason.

Police are currently investigating the incident which was caught on video and showed the group of black girls aggressively confronting Asian Americans on the train. At one point an Asian girl walks up to them and the black girls completely lose it and beat her down.

The video shows one of the back girls slapping the Asian girl in the face and pulling at her face mask. They then push her toward a train door where one girl pounds her head against it. The Asian girl falls to the ground and the group of teens proceed to violently and angrily attack her, hitting, kicking and using what appears to be a shoe to beat her.

Naturally, as this is 2021, no other passengers on the train step in to help the girl who is being savagely beaten by a group. In the video, it appears only the individual filming attempts to stop the madness after one of the black teens begins using the object to hit the Asian girl.

NBC10 Philadelphia originally claimed they were “not showing the video out of respect for the victims,” then later edited their explanation to claim that “a friend of the victim requested that we remove it due to its traumatic nature.”

Fox29 reporter Steve Keeley reported that the group of teens “first targeted a group of Asian male students aboard an express train in Olney on Tuesday” and the day before allegedly began using “racial slurs at the Asian teens from Central High School and dumped a smoothie on them.”

“The torment reportedly continued on Wednesday,” the report goes on, “when Keeley reports the same group assaulted at least one of the Asian students. Video shared on social media appears to show a female Asian student trying to break up the conflict when the group turns the violence on her.”

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) issued a statement calling the incident “violent and disturbing” and SEPTA police said they have identified the attackers all of whom are under the age of 17. They will be facing charges ranging from ethnic intimidation to aggravated assault.

Doesn’t “ethnic intimidation” sound a lot less awful than “hate crime?” That’s probably why the state of Pennsylvania has decided to use the term to describe what happened despite it being an obvious hate crime.

One of the mothers of the out of control teens admitted that her daughter was an aggressor and that the Asian students appeared to do nothing wrong.

“My daughter and her group were the full aggressors,” she said. “If the Asian children did anything, I would think that it was to protect themselves and that’s just what I got from the video.”

“We’re all apologetic…We are embarrassed, ashamed. It’s not who we represent.”

The mom added that as a Muslim, her daughter should have shown better discernment.

“As you can clearly see in the video, my daughter is Muslim,” she said. “We do not carry ourselves that way. We carry ourselves with respect, modesty and humility.”

Things appear to be completely out of control in Philadelphia. Just last month a horrific incident on a SEPTA train was filmed in which a 35-year-old man attacked and raped a female passenger as other riders stood idly by and did absolutely nothing.

So much for brotherly love in Philadelphia.

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  1. What can be said about this group of black and muslim girls attacking the two Asian Girls other than it seems that the majority of hate crimes against Asians are committed by blacks and now black muslims. It is well know that the majority of black murders and crimes against blacks are committed by other blacks. This is insane! How can anyone expect racial attitudes and beliefs about blacks to change when they continue to commit acts of hate and violence such as this.

  2. More cowardly hate and racist evil rearing its ugly head. Amazing how some people act when they are in a crowd outnumbering people. Alone, less likely to confront others as seen in this demonstration of mob mentality. But I forgot the examples of single acts of bravery knocking helpless elderly ladies to the ground. NY is a wasteland and these girls were lucky they weren’t shot and killed in self-defense, just like we witnessed in Kenosha.


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