Horrific New Gun Bill Would Create Full Federal Registry For All Gun Owners In America — This Must Not Be Allowed To Pass

(Rallying Patriots) – A brand new bill introduced by Democrats is probably one of the scariest anti-gun pieces of legislation in recent history as it would create a full federal registry for every gun owner in the United States. This, of course, will make it a whole lot easier for the federal government to come and seize guns if they ever get the gumption to follow through on what they really want to do and strip us of our ability to defend our liberties.

A report from Big League Politics says HR 127, also known as the Sabika Shiekh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act, was officially introduced at the beginning of February by Texas Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. The bill was originally introduced back in 2019, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided not to bring it up for a vote, knowing that President Trump would veto the heck out of that sucker if it came across his desk.

This piece of gun control legislation would make it mandatory for every single gun owner in America to apply for a federal gun license from the Justice Department. These licenses would be issued in “may-issue” fashion, which means that the Attorney General would have total authority to ban anyone he or she wants from being able to own a gun.

As if that’s not terrifying enough already, this law would also require that all firearms licensees undergo a full psychological evaluation to be conducted by a government-approved psychologist. No way that person would ever fudge on an evaluation and make it seem like a conservative person was crazy, right? Liberals wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing…

Oh. That’s right. They already do. Look what the media constantly says about Trump supporters.

All the people living in your house would have to have these evaluations too.

“Federal licenses for gun ownership under the law would be publicly accessible and viewable, creating not only a federal gun registry, but public information revealing who owns guns available to anyone who wishes to view it,” BLP’s report says.

“Gun owners would be required to purchase an $800 insurance policy from the Attorney General under the law. They’d be subject to wide-ranging safety classes, which can be easily obtained in nearly any American town or city already for those interested in firearms,” the report continues.

And this isn’t just for your big guns like the AR-15. It’s for all firearms. By the way, if you wanted to own an AR-15 you would be required by the government to take safety courses.

“Any magazine or firearm with capacity for more than ten rounds would be prohibited under the law, with one generous exception from the Democrat overlord for .22 caliber firearms. Those found in violation of the gun control behemoth would be subject to lengthy prison terms of up to 25 years and face fines of $100,000,” the report continues.

This bill isn’t going to pass the Senate. But it’s still disgraceful that members of the United States Congress are seeking to completely and utterly destroy the Second Amendment and take away the right of citizens to own a firearm to protect life, liberty, and property.

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  1. France during WWII had their guns confiscated by the Germans because their guns were registered. All the Germans had to do was to get the gun registry records from the town hall and go to everyone on the registry and take away their guns. Sounds like the democrats want to do the same thing in this country. This must not be allowed.


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