Here’s Why Israel Almost Never Has School Shootings…

(Rallying Patriots) – The left wasted no time in demanding strict gun control measures be passed immediately following the tragic Uvalde, Texas school shooting that resulted in 19 young children murdered along with two teachers.

Which is no big surprise, given the fact that the radical left has been salivating over the idea of getting rid of people’s guns and repealing the Second Amendment, as that would allow the government to have complete and total control over the population of this country. Who would dare resist the orders of the government when they have a gun pointed at their head and no means of fighting back?

That scenario is the exact reason that the Second Amendment was created in the first place. It wasn’t merely for self-defense purposes.

Rather than seeking gun grabbing bills as a means of handling the problem of school shootings, how about we take a look at the nation of Israel, which has almost never had a school shooting, despite the fact it is a country that is perpetually in danger from terrorism.

A report from Fox News revealed that only six school attacks have happened in Israel since 1974. When you compare that statistic to the seemingly endless number of school shooting incidents here in the U.S., it seems very clear that we need to try and find a different kind of solution to this issue that doesn’t involve more gun control.

“Fox spoke to David Hazony, who writes about Israeli and American affairs and has 11 children of his own. He told Fox that Israel approaches school security with a “complex, multi-layered approach,'” the Western Journal stated in a recent report.

The nation of Israel “puts effort into identifying potential assailants through behavioral profiling” and “invests heavily in monitoring [social media] profiles of people.”

Keep in mind that when you take the social media histories of the vast majority of school shooters and examine them after they have committed their evil deeds, there are all kinds of red flags there. This should probably be our first line of defense.

However, the real question that Elizabeth Stauffer, who penned the Western Journal piece, says we need to ask is whether or not liberals — the same bunch who are rabidly demanding that we all give up our AR-15s — allow the government to actually monitor the behavior of someone who has been flagged for violent rhetoric and made threats on their social media accounts? Or would they would scream about racial profiling and other assorted issues?

Would those who are leaders in the realm of social media work alongside the government to flag these dangerous individuals on their platforms or is that something that is only done to conservatives who openly express their political opinions?

“An active intelligence network in the U.S. tasked with seeking out threats of actual violence on the internet — as opposed to, say, the Justice Department keeping an eye on parents who are justifiably unhappy with their local school boards — is a very sound idea that would likely go a long way toward prevention of these incidents,” the Western Journal said.

“It would also be costly to implement and maintain. However, when one considers the Biden administration was happy to spend taxpayer dollars to fund a Disinformation Governance Board and so many other stupid, dystopian programs to ‘protect the homeland,’ it starts to sound like a bargain,” Stauffer wrote for the WJ.

“In addition to behavioral profiling, the Israeli government has hardened potential targets. While many believe the presence of armed security guards, metal detectors and regular patrolling by law enforcement officials around U.S. schools might frighten the children, unfortunately, these measures have become necessary to protect them in today’s America. And it’s certainly far less frightening than what students at Robb Elementary witnessed last week,” she continued.

Yigal Arbiv, who has had the opportunity to train law enforcement professionals here in the states, is the individual responsible for security at the Tchernichovsky Junior High School located in Netanya, Israel. He recently spoke with Fox saying that it’s essential for the “head of security for a school to be given authorization” for all aspects of the safety of both students and teachers.

Arbiv then went on to explain that “everyone who goes into the school needs to go through a metal detector, like at an airport, and sign his name.” He then said that the “school has one exit and one entrance … Nobody comes to the school without the head of security knowing about it. We do not allow people not connected to school to come inside.”

“Additionally, the school employs a ‘spotter 50 meters from school’ who patrols the area for potential security threats. Larger campuses require a guard to monitor the area on a motorcycle,” the WJ report revealed.

There is also security fencing that encircles the entire school grounds and numerous cameras are positioned all over the campus. Arbiv stated that there are also “barricades around the school, so people can’t drive into it.”

“The Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, is the equivalent of the FBI in the U.S. Arbiv said this agency’s highly trained agents ‘have different, sophisticated ways of collecting intelligence from artificial intelligence and cyber,'” the report continued.

“Amir Avivi, a brigadier general in the Israeli Defense Forces reserves and the founder and CEO of the Israel Defense and Security Forum, told Fox his group is working with the country’s Border Police and national police to recruit a voluntary force to keep Israelis safe,” the report added.

A country that is surrounded by its enemies and faces regular threats of terrorist attacks and is often subjected to Hamas rocket attacks is better at protecting their schools and preventing shootings than we are. Embarrassing.

Now, we don’t necessarily need to go as far as Israel has gone. They are in unique circumstances. However, taking simple steps like one entrance, one exit, would make a huge difference in securing our kids at school and preventing these shootings from happening.

Of course, that would eliminate the left’s big excuse for seeking to eliminate the Second Amendment and they wouldn’t want to give that up, would they?

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  1. Protecting our schools, children and staff should be our first concerns. Gun controls only work against law abiding citizens, causing them to be even higher risk targets. Gun free zones put people at higher risk because criminals and evil doers know where the sift targets are located and attack thise as first choice. To stop this easy selection we must harden these targets. Single point of entry and egress, with man traps, along with armed guards is first. Notification of required access puts control over who is allowed to enter. These are just basics, but are the foundation to build on. Teachers willing to carry should have training in stopping potential shooters and what to look for. Mental health is another area where at risk youth and even adults can be identified as high risk and given help to reduce violent actors. Bullying is another area to focus on. Some people both touth and adults will act out violently once pushed to their limits. Guns, knives, cars, bombs, baseball bats and other inanimate objects don’t act, its the person whelding these objects that are dangerous.

  2. When dems are in office we always have more school shootings. There is proof that the Federal Government is using mind control on these mental health shooters and giving them the way and means to get guns and BRAIN control. Dont believe me check it out. There is nothing democrats won’t do to cause people to turn on the 2nd amendment. Democrats are a master at lying and deceiving you the American people. Ask a question: What has democrats done to help or protect the 1st or 2nd amendments and the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Note: Not one dam thing. All they want is MONEY and POWER TO LOCK YOUR ASS UP. All it took was 2000mules to elect and ass. They Are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Happy looking for the drop.

  3. I visited Israel several years ago and learned that both men and women are required to be in their military, so all of them have training in combat, gun usage, etc. In addition to the school security plans mentioned in the article there are other provisions. We also talked with a teacher we met taking her children on a field trip and learned that each field trip has an armed soldier with them for safety’s sake. Many newly built housing units near the borders have a small opening in the children’s room that can be used to fire on attackers. While they have security concerns because of their geographic location and unfriendly neighbors, they have not hesitated to do what is effective and be vigilant.


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