HE DID IT: Trump Sues Twitter

(Rallying Patriots) – President Trump isn’t done fighting Twitter. On Friday, he filed a new lawsuit asking a Florida federal judge to restore his Twitter account, claiming that Twitter banned him after being pressured by members of Congress after Jan. 6 thus violating his First Amendment rights.

Trump filed for a preliminary injunction from the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida, stating that Twitter’s censorship is a violation of the First Amendment because the social media platform exercises “immeasurable, historically unprecedented, and profoundly dangerous” power over political discourse in the U.S.

That is certainly true.

Trump asserted that Twitter is acting in accordance with the Democrats’ and their directives as they “repeatedly encouraged Defendant to censor and restrain Plaintiff’s views, or face catastrophic legal and regulatory consequences.”

Twitter’s policies and criteria for banning an account are still not clear, which is obviously intentional. It’s the only way to justify banning a US president while allowing terrorist organizations like the Taliban to remain.

Twitter proved they are nothing more than a biased, partisan, political entity when they banned President Trump for supposedly inciting the Jan. 6 incident claiming his tweets posed “the risk of further incitement of violence.”

Meanwhile, the Taliban, who have consistently made public calls for violence and have a history of murdering innocent men, women and children have been allowed to remain active on Twitter, even while overtaking Afghanistan.

The lawsuit states, “Over the weeks that followed, Twitter allowed the Taliban to tweet regularly about their military conquests and victories across Afghanistan. The Taliban’s Twitter account is active to this day.”

“Defendant is liable for its own speech as well as its own actions. When Defendant works as a partner with the government to censor its Users’ First Amendment rights, Defendant is legally accountable for its deeds… Defendant’s false statements posted on Plaintiff’s Twitter account are unfair trade and deceptive practices, as Users joined Twitter with the expectation that they would be treated fairly and without slander,” the filing reads.

“While government officials are permitted to express their, or the government’s, preferences about what a private company should or should not do, they cannot exert coercive pressure on private parties to censor the speech of others,” the filing continued, alleging that Democrats and the Biden administration “have subjected social media companies and their CEOs, including Defendant, to increasing pressure to censor speech disfavored by them, and to promote their favored speech, or else face catastrophic legislative and/or regulatory consequences. … As such, Plaintiff’s censorship was an unconstitutional deprivation of Plaintiff’s free speech, in that the censorship was in response to government coercion.”

Not only did Twitter ban President Trump but they have used censorship tactics on anyone who supports him or questions the COVID narrative and agenda.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has even outright admitted to working with social media to squash dissenting opinions and voices.

She said over the summer that the Biden regime’s push “to engage with [social media platforms] to better understand the enforcement of social media platform policies” before singling out “the false narrative that remains active out there about COVID-19 vaccines causing infertility.”

While Biden falsely claimed that Facebook was “killing people” via misinformation.

Unhinged leftist journalists are already starting to meltdown at the thought of President Trump being permitted back on Twitter.

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  2. They should be censoring a treasonous fraud elect Biden! A crime against the American people and undoing the will of the American people in the fraudulent treasonous 2020 presidential election! AMEN!


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