Gen. Michael Flynn Issues New Statement Urging American Patriots To Fight For Election Integrity

(Rallying Patriots) – Americans haven’t forgotten about the stolen 2020 election. We don’t buy that Joe Biden is the president. We have no faith in the system, it’s clearly broken.

Some within the “America First” movement are fighting hard for conservative, “MAGA” voters to stay engaged. Giving up and throwing in the towel seems like the obvious thing to do when we look at the “rigged” system but it is not the answer.

On Friday, General Michael Flynn issued a new statement on UncoverDC urging Trump supporters and freedom-loving patriots to fight for election integrity and to stay involved. He also encouraged President Trump to continue speaking out against the 2020 election fraud in his upcoming CPAC speech.

In his statement, Flynn cited Justice Clarence Thomas who recently wrote in his dissent of the Supreme Court’s decision not to take up any election cases that “elections are ‘of the most fundamental significance under our constitutional structure.’ Through them, we exercise self-government. But elections enable self-governance only when they include processes that “giv[e] citizens (including the losing candidates and their supporters) confidence in the fairness of the election.”

Flynn then pointed out that a vast majority of Americans believe that the 2020 election was “irregular if not fraudulent” and these claims deserve attention. Especially considering how many Trump supporters are now saying they don’t plan to ever participate in another election again.

He stresses the need for the American people to fight the urge to disconnect and instead “demand the necessary solutions” in order to repair the “broken election system.”

He reassures that the “truth will rise to the top.” Americans deserve to know the truth but we’re going to have to fight for it.

Flynn then suggested that Trump can help “all of us” by addressing the fraudulent election in his upcoming CPAC speech this weekend. He pointed out that the only way forward is to really understand what went wrong in 2020 so we can “correctly reform this system and then start to recover our confidence.”

It isn’t enough for President Trump to simply keep discussing the ways in which the election was stolen, however. As Flynn points out, he must also direct his supporters in what to do now. He has to inform Americans what actions to take in order to get involved and fix the broken system.

If Americans don’t take control now, we may never have another fair and free election in the US ever again. It truly is up to us.

Flynn went on to say he would like to hear President Trump tell supporters to continue “peacefully and patriotically” protesting, “get better organized and more involved” in politics on all levels, get involved in “key” local elections, volunteer at local precincts, demand all elected officials “take measures to prevent future election fraud,” seek out and vote for “America First” patriots for office, and encourage others to join the “Save America” movement.

Flynn concluded by encouraging readers to join the Defending The Republic organization and promises that those involved are following the steps he has laid out for future election integrity.

Gen. Flynn is absolutely right. It’s time for Americans to rise up and get involved. We can no longer sit back and expect change. We cannot simply surrender America over to the radical left. That’s exactly what they want.

It’s time for us to step up and fight for our freedoms and this republic. If we don’t, we may lose the opportunity to do so forever. Now is the time for action.

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  1. General Flynn is absolutely right !! we must fight for a just and fair election …the last two elections were so crooked, you would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to know it was stolen…full of corruption…and a well planned operation to insure a win for Biden…Trump won the election and the Dems knew he would so they did everything necessary to change the results….Trump is still my President and all Trump supporters feel the same as me…


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