Former Obama Ethics Chief Calls Hunter Biden’s Anonymous Art Sales “Preposterous” And Suggests Money Laundering Could Be At Play

(Rallying Patriots) – Hunter Biden just can’t help himself. He just has to have his hands in every corrupt and/or illegal activity known to man. As if a crack addiction, a propensity for purchasing prostitutes, and foreign quid-pro-quo business dealings using his father’s position weren’t enough, it now appears Hunter Biden is an avid art enthusiast.

What’s the problem with that, you ask?

Well for starters, the art industry is notorious for money laundering and other financial schemes and scams. It’s no wonder Hunter is now pursuing an “art career,” as useless White House mouthpiece Jen Psaki put it.

Fortunately, not everyone on the left is playing along.

Former Director of the United States Office of Government Ethics under Obama, Walter Shaub, spoke out against Hunter’s newest hobby during an interview with CNN.

Who knew such things could even be said on the Biden regime’s propaganda outlet.

CNN host Victor Blackwell attempted to explain supposed safeguards put in place to ensure Hunter’s art isn’t being used for money laundering.

Blackwell said “Neither Hunter Biden nor the public will know who bid on or purchased the work,” and that “if the offer is too high, the gallery is expected to turn down the offer.”

Shaub, however, wasn’t impressed and told the CNN hosts how it really is.

“They have outsourced government ethics to an art dealer. She [WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki] mentioned industry standards, it’s an industry that’s notorious for money laundering. There’s no standards in that industry.”

“And the idea that they’re going to flag any overly priced offers, well this is art that hasn’t even been juried into a community art sale,” he continued. “How are they going to decide what’s unreasonable when they’ve already priced it into the range of $75,000 to $500,000 for a first outing. This is just preposterous and very disappointing.”


Not only has Shaub called out Hunter’s newfound love of art and pointed out that it’s very likely an attempt to launder money or some other criminal enterprise, Hunter isn’t doing himself any favors with the people he chooses to work with.

The New York Post reports that one of the art dealers working with Hunter has previously been arrested for “terrorist threats” and assault with a deadly weapon in California, he also has ties to China. Art dealer George Berges is exactly the kind of person Hunter should be avoiding.

As with anything involving Hunter, Joe Biden and his regime are forced to downplay and even outright lie about it.

Psaki was asked about Hunter’s new art career during a press conference on Friday and her response was the usual BS, crafted to downplay any legitimate concerns and pacify reporters.

One reporter asked Psaki if the Biden regime has been involved with Hunter’s art dealer to keep the purchasers anonymous.

“I can tell you that after careful consideration, a system has been established that will allow Hunter Biden to work in his profession within reasonable safeguards,” Psaki responded. “Of course, he has the right to pursue an artistic career just like any child of a president has the right to pursue a career.”

“But all interactions regarding the selling of art and setting of prices will be handled by a professional gallerist adhering to the highest industry standards, and any offer out of the normal would be rejected out of hand,” she continued.

“The gallerist will not share information about buyers or prospective buyers including their identities with Hunter Biden or the administration, which provides quite a level of protection and transparency,” Psaki added.

Oh please. There is nothing normal about Hunter Biden’s newfound interest in art and despite the supposed safeguards, it’s without a doubt a criminal enterprise.

Could you imagine if one of Trump’s children had decided to take up the buying and selling of art while Trump was in office?

Hunter can do as he pleases, however, and even when committing crimes in open and plain sight there will be no consequences.

What a sham.

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  1. So glad, CNN was surprisingly open about it. Hunter Biden keeps getting away with questionable behavior, so I hope they are able to investigate more.


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