Follow The Money: New Map Posted Of George Soros’ ‘Pro-Criminal’ Prosecutors

(Rallying Patriots) – A pro-cop legal organization has made a map of 27 left-leaning prosecutors that are receiving funding from a soft-on-crime network backed financially by Democratic billionaire George Soros. The group published the map online for anyone and everyone to look at for themselves. If you listen closely, you can hear the screams of agony from Soros and all of his leftist puppets as they realize they cannot keep operating in the shadows. People are catching on to the act.

According to a report published by the Washington Examiner, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund interactive map reveals donations and features many key stories about the 27 targets that are contained on the map.

“In March 2023, the group released its bare–bones map of where the Soros prosecutors are located. Wednesday’s map provides more details on the highest-profile favorites of the Soros organization. The legal group said it is working to identify and map some 70 prosecutors who received $50 million in campaign donations. LELDF has argued that the prosecutors have followed a policy of releasing violent criminals and looking away at some crime,” the piece disclosed.

“The first installment profiles 27 Soros-funded prosecutors, including Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg, Los Angeles’s George Gascon, Memphis’s Steve Mulroy, and Minneapolis’s Mary Moriarty. Future installments will include the more than 70 Soros-backed prosecutors across the United States. To date, George Soros has spent over $50 million to elect radical prosecutors from Maine to Oregon, Los Angeles to Savannah,” the group stated.

“The interactive online map includes those who recently lost elections to candidates opposed to prosecutors who have followed a ‘judicial reform’ program of releasing more criminals,” the WE report noted.

A few features on the brand new tool include:

— Names, photos, jurisdictions, and term start and reelection dates

— Total dollar amounts of Soros-funded campaign spending

— Lists of known supporting and affiliated political organizations to the prosecutors

— Media coverage of the prosecutors’ policies and actions

If you go to Bragg’s page on the map, it will provide you with biographical information, along with an estimate of over a million dollars in funding that came from Soros-related donations. That is a lot of money, ladies and gentlemen. This is proof that Soros’ fingerprints are on most of the soft-on-crime policies being implemented and thus makes him at least partly responsible for the crime wave that is sweeping our nation.

The page also includes stories concerning his easy-going approach to crime. This is impacting real Americans. People are becoming victims at higher and higher rates. Folks are sick and tired of it.

You can see the map here.

One of the stories included on the map concerns the conviction of police officer Terrence Sutton for second-degree murder. He was convicted back in 2020 for the death of Karon Hylton-Brown.

“But Sutton, a 13-year police veteran, did not strike, shoot, harm, or even touch Hylton. Hylton died after exiting a blind alley on a motorized scooter and being struck by a passing civilian vehicle. He had multiple drugs in his system. He ran through stop signs and red lights in the minutes before he drove into oncoming traffic. Sutton followed Hylton at a moderate speed, averaging 30 miles per hour,” the map details.

It states that this was a violation of the department’s policy of “no chase.”

The site then reports, “The pursuing officers believed that Hylton—a member of the violent Kennedy Street drug gang with previous arrests for drugs, illegal gun possession, and assaults on police officers—was on his way to retaliate against a rival gang member over a debt. At the request of federal prosecutors, the court blocked the jury from hearing about Hylton’s membership in the Kennedy Street crew, which was under Justice Department investigation at the time and whose other members would later be indicted for murder, drug trafficking, and racketeering. The jury also never heard that Hylton was wearing an ankle monitor for a violent assault in Montgomery County, Maryland, and had thousands of dollars in cash strapped to his body.”

At the end of the day, Soros’ efforts to elect prosecutors who are soft-on-crime is ruining people’s lives and making them less safe. He needs to be exposed and voters made aware of what is happening in their cities.

Let’s hope Soros gets shut down.

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