“F**k The Police!” – Black Woman Drinks Shots, Bashes Police On Facebook Before Killing Police Officer In Hit-And-Run

(Rallying Patriots) – The establishment Democrats and their media sycophants have deliberately misled black communities into thinking that the police are the enemy.

The reality is, leftist elites pushing the narrative are the enemy. The left is purposefully working to divide and conquer and what better way to do that then convince black Americans the very people working to protect and serve are against them, especially because they’re all “racist.”

It’s a recipe for complete and total chaos and lawlessness. Exactly what Democrats are going for.

Despite the fact that Derek Chauvin was found guilty, the BLM community, including Democrats, have not been satisfied. The anti-police rhetoric has only intensified since the verdict and the fruit of this has resulted in the brutal murder of one of New York City’s finest.

On Monday night, 32-year-old Jessica Beauvais posted a nearly 2-hour Facebook Live video as part of her radio show “Face the Reality,” in which she bashed police and drank wine and did shots.

Two hours later she got behind the wheel of her Volkswagen and ran down police officer Anastasios Tsakos, killing him.

After attempting to flee the scene, police eventually apprehended her and she told them, “F*** you, I don’t have to listen to you.”

Along with saying “f*** the police” in her drunk Facebook post, Beauvais also played the NWA song “F*** the Police,” said she likes guns because “they’re pretty,” told viewers she carries a knife everywhere she goes, and bizarrely ranted about being pro capital punishment while saying that “potential death” is just “part of the job” for police officers.

Throughout the video, Beauvais was vaping and drinking an unidentified dark liquid from a plastic cup and washing down shots from a red shot glass with Snapple. According to police, she later confessed to chugging down wine and vodka while smoking weed.

After getting fully intoxicated, Beauvais decided to go out and put action behind her rhetoric. She mowed down 43-year-old NYPD Highway Officer Tsakos on the Long Island Expressway around 2am Tuesday morning.

Tsakos was in the process of redirecting traffic following a separate fatal accident in Queens when Beauvais’ car reportedly veered and struck him head on. The married father of a 3-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

As if the situation couldn’t get any worse, Beauvais was out driving while intoxicated with a suspended license. She had absolutely no right to be on the road at all. After murdering this innocent police officer she attempted to flee the scene with a “completely shattered” windshield.

Fortunately, police were able to quickly apprehend her.

She claims to be sorry for what she did but we have a feeling she’s just sorry she got caught. This is exactly the kind of dangerous, entitled thinking that leftists are deliberately cultivating in the minds of young black Americans.

Democrats and BLM terrorists have Tsakos’ blood on their hands.

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