EXPOSED: Milwaukee Elections Executive Busted Handing Over Sensitive Election Data To Liberal Groups BEFORE Election

(Rallying Patriots) – Over the weekend, the folks over at Gateway Pundit discovered an email sent to Claire Woodall-Vogg from Ryan Chew who is part of the Election Group.

The message from Chew said, “Damn, Claire, you have a flair for drama, delivering just the margin needed at 3:00 am. I bet you had those votes counted at midnight, and just wanted to keep the world waiting.” (Screen shot here).

Claire is actually the Executive Director of the Election Commission in the city of Milwaukee (screen shot here).

“We reported that Claire Woodall-Vogg was working alone late at night with the voting machines in Milwaukee. Her actions then were suspect, now they are borderline criminal,” the report said.

And that’s not all. Apparently, Woodall-Vogg was also handing over voting data to Democrat operative Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, along with other private liberal groups before the election on who was voting.

Wisconsin radio host Dan O’Donnell spoke to his audience about Woodall-Vogg’s actions, “In my estimation, the only reason for this is the creation of a massive, and I mean massive ballot harvesting operation ahead of 2020 presidential election.”

The MacIver Institute, located in Wisconsin, managed to gain access to the emails between Spitzer-Rubenstein and Woodall-Vogg. In these messages, Woodall-Vogg actually admits she handed the daily reports over to the liberal groups in question.

Once early voting had begun, Claire was handing Spitzer-Rebenstein updates concerning the number of absentee ballots that had been returned and those that were still outstanding rom each ward.

“Here’s what I’ll need,” Spitzer-Rubenstein said in his message to her in late October, “1) Number of ballot preparation teams, 2) Number of returned ballots per ward, 3) Number of outstanding ballots per ward.”

“Even with this private data sharing that no other organization received (or should have received), Spitzer-Rubenstein still wanted more. He wanted access to the Milwaukee Election Commission’s voter database,” the report said.

“We’re hoping there’s an easier way to get the data out of WisVote than you having to manually export it every day or week,” he went on to write. “To that end, we have two questions: 1. Would you or someone else on your team be able to do a screen-share so we can see the process for an export? 2. Do you know if WisVote has an API [application programming interface] or anything similar so that it can connect with other software apps? That would be the holy grail (but I’m not expecting it to be that easy).”

“While I completely understand and appreciate the assistance that is trying to be provided,” Woodall-Vogg responded, “I am definitely not comfortable having a non-staff member involved in the function of our voter database, much less recording it.”

What was the Vote at Home Institute doing with these daily reports? Why did they need this information? Was it an attempt to ensure that folks were actually voting from home by going door-to-door to collect the ballots from individuals who hadn’t turned them in yet?

There are a lot of unanswered questions. One big one is why this isn’t considered criminal activity and why no one is being held accountable for it?

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  1. No end to the number and variety of election crooks. When will someone be jailed? Or is all that crap legal in Liberal-land?


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