ALERT: Wisconsin Demands Full Cyber/Forensic Audit Of The 2020 Election

(Rallying Patriots) – The pressure to kickoff a full forensic audit in Wisconsin is ramping up. The Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Sauk County is calling for a full cyber/forensic audit of the 2020 general election.

In a statement by the committee they declare, on behalf of their members, their “active support towards the efforts of the 2021 Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections and through Assembly Resolution 15.”

It goes on to say, “We direct this Committee to undertake a full cyber/forensic audit of the November 2020 General Election, with full funding to complete this audit as defined by this Committee.”

The letter also implores the Sauk County Republican legislators to “actively support these measures to restore election integrity.”

“We further declare our personal appreciation for the endeavors of Representatives Janel Brandtjen and Tim Ramthun towards this goal on behalf of all citizens of Wisconsin and for the benefit of our Nation.”

There most certainly needs to be an investigation into what exactly went wrong in Wisconsin that resulted in Joe Biden picking up hundreds of thousands of votes in the dead of night and taking the state from President Trump.

Something is not right in the state. Earlier this month, Newsmax reported on election officials in the state quietly removing over 200,000 voters from the voter rolls. The election officials are pretending this was just part of routine work to keep the roll up to date but over 200,000 voters removed seems to be a bit excessive.

How routine could this be if there were over 200,000 removed this one time.

This is pretty significant considering Joe Biden only “won” the state by around 20,000 votes.

Purging voters from the rolls has been a point of major contention in the perennial swing state. Conservatives filed a lawsuit in 2019 demanding that the Wisconsin Elections Commission remove voters from the rolls if they didn’t respond to mailings within 30 days. The lawsuit ultimately failed and Democrat Joe Biden went on to beat Donald Trump by about 20,000 votes.

Newsmax reported:

Commission officials announced Wednesday that they deactivated 174,307 voter registrations on Saturday because the voters hadn’t cast a ballot in four years and didn’t respond to a mailing. They said they are required by law every two years to identify registered voters who haven’t voted in the previous four years and deactivate them unless they wish to remain registered.

The commission on Saturday also deactivated 31,854 registrations of voters who may have moved and didn’t respond to a mailing. The commission mailed postcards during the summer of 2019 to more than 230,000 voters identified by the Electronic Registration Information Center as having possibly moved.

The fight for the voter rolls to be better maintained is one that seems to be a common theme in key swing states. In Pennsylvania there have also been several attempts by watchdog groups to get the state to better maintain the voter rolls and still dead people continue to vote in the Keystone State.

It would appear as though a closer look into the voter rolls in Wisconsin is needed, among other things. How many people voted because they were still registered even though they were no longer eligible to vote?

It is time to get to the bottom of what really happened in Wisconsin.

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  1. This is great news! It’s about time! Now I wish Georgia and Pennsylvania would also push to have a cyber full forensic audit. We all knew on Nov. 4th that something was definitely suspicious about our election. Trump should be the person in the White House not the weak old man with dementia who hid in his basement throughout most of the campaign and now that he’s president won’t even hold a press conference or answer any questions.


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