Even ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos Focused On Biden’s ‘Mental Capacity’

(Rallying Patriots) – ABC News’ anchor George Stephanopoulos attempted to confront White House press secretary Jen Psaki concerning the president’s absolutely atrocious poll numbers on essentially every major and minor issue in existence, including his “mental sharpness,” however, he received no real substantive responses from her, according to BizPacReview.

The confrontation actually came about just hours after ABC News put out a shocking new poll that discovered 54 percent of Americans believe that Joe Biden lacks the “mental sharpness” to be an effective president.

The establishment media has been ignoring concerns about Biden’s mental acuity for years now, it seems at this point in his time in the White House, with the world perilously close to a World War III scenario, they have no real choice other than to finally face the music and discuss it.

“And indeed, during his interview with Psaki this Sunday, Stephanopoulos, a former Clinton administration official known for his liberal leanings, confronted her about this and other findings from the poll,” BPR reported.

Stephanopoulos wanted to know how the findings of this poll would impact Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address.

“The president is approaching his state of the union in a pretty difficult political position right now. Thirty-seven percent approval rating, Democrats trailing badly in the midterm polling,” the ABC News host went on to say.

“A majority in our recent poll out this morning even questioned the president’s mental capacity. How is he going to turn that around on Tuesday night? And how much has his state of the union been changed by this war in Ukraine?” He asked.

Psaki totally ignored the question concerning Biden’s mental sharpness, deciding instead to focus on the Ukraine question and gave a typical vague defense of the president that lacked any sort of real substance.

“There’s no question that in the state of the union, the American people and many watching around the world will hear the president talk about the efforts he has led over the past couple of months to build a global coalition to fight against the autocracy and the efforts of President Putin to invade a foreign country,” she stated.

Those efforts by Biden have been a complete and total failure.

“But what people will also hear from President Biden is his optimism and his belief in the resilience of the American people and the strength of the American people. You know, George, from covering State of the Unions for some time, that it is about delivering a message to the public at a moment in time,” Psaki added.

“And if you look back when President Obama gave his first State of the Union, it was during the worst financial crisis in a generation. When President Bush gave his first State of the Union, it was shortly after 9/11. Leaders lead during crises. That’s exactly what President Biden is doing. He’ll speak to that, but he’s also going to speak about his optimism about what’s ahead and what we all have to look forward to,” she said.

When President Trump was in the White House, before having his second term stolen from him via massive voter fraud, the SOTU addresses he usually delivered were all about celebrating the accomplishments his administration made, along with warning the country about potential threats to the citizens of our nation and then paying tribute to America’s most deserving citizens.

“During the former president’s final SOTU address, he delivered a warning about the then-just-emerging coronavirus,” the report pointed out.

“Protecting Americans’ health also means fighting infectious diseases. We’re coordinating with the Chinese government and working closely together on the coronavirus outbreak in China. My administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat,” he had said.

The comments had come just after he had taken steps to put together the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Joe Biden’s concerns at the time seemed to be elsewhere.

Something that’s interesting here is that on the day Trump delivered his 2020 SOTU address, his average job approval rating was around 44.9 percent, according to information gleaned from a report by RealClearPolitics. As of this weekend, Biden’s average job approval rating is only 40.8 percent.

“Even during the height of the COVID pandemic, Trump’s average approval rating never dropped below 41 percent. Not til the Jan. 6th riot did it take a sudden nosedive south,” the BPR report pointed out.

“Biden’s approval has been steadily declining since the day he took office, and many expect it to continue plummeting so long as he does nothing to stop the endless inflation, stop the illegals crossing the border and stop screwing up overseas,” the report continued.

The current crisis unfolding in Ukraine is expected to make his approval rating plummet even more, just like it did when the Afghanistan nightmare unfolded.

While the average polls have him at 40.8 percent, recent polls show him even lower at 38 percent (ABC News), 38 percent (Harvard-Harris) and one as low as 37 percent (Quinnipiac).

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