Epic: Filmmaker Shows Up At Hunter Biden’s House And Challenges Him To Confirm Identity Of The “Big Guy”

(Rallying Patriots) – Hunter Biden can hide all he wants but the American people still have questions that demand answers and we aren’t buying any of the Biden lies pushed by the establishment mainstream media.

The laptop stories were not just some desperate attempt at a smear campaign by President Trump and his associates. They weren’t “Russian disinformation.” The laptop belonged to Hunter Biden and its contents demand answers.

Unfortunately, the only ones actually concerned with finding out the answers to questions like “who is ‘the Big Guy?’” come from concerned citizens. The federal government is certainly not digging any deeper into the contents of the laptop.

Surely that’s because the corrupt Washington DC swamp already knows the answers. They know the “Big Guy” is Joe Biden and they know Hunter Biden was involved in numerous lucrative business deals around the world using Joe Biden’s position as VP under Obama.

It’s become clear the entire thing has turned into one big cover-up for the Bidens.

One filmmaker, however, isn’t satisfied with the evasiveness of the Bidens and the absurd softball interviews they are routinely served.

Phelim McAleer showed up to Hunter Biden’s Venice, California, home and attempted to get answers to the questions Americans want to know.

When McAleer showed up to Hunter’s California home, he wanted Hunter to tell him who the “Big Guy” was that was set to get a 10% cut of the profits from a business deal Hunter Biden was arranging with China.

A former Biden business associate has already named the “Big Guy” as Joe Biden but that is as far as identifying the “Big Guy” has gone.

In a video showing McAleer’s attempts to talk to Hunter, he is seen approaching Hunter’s home and ringing the doorbell. He’s soon forced to leave by Secret Service.

Secret Service also told McAleer that he is free to stay as long as he wants but Hunter won’t be coming down to answer any questions.

“He’s not gonna take any questions. He’s not going to come down, so… you can stay as long as you want, but he’s not gonna come down and answer any questions.”

The Secret Service, however, did not dissuade McAleer. Instead of leaving, he took to his boat and attempted to ask Hunter the questions through a megaphone from the water behind Hunter’s residence.

“Hunter Biden refuses to answer any serious questions about the allegations against him,” McAleer said in a statement on Monday. “Instead, he relies on softball questions and coverups from the mainstream media to carry his lies and the ridiculous claim that he doesn’t remember if the laptop is his.

“It’s funny that someone who claims to forget everything about his scandals has the ability to write a memoir. Hunter may not have answered us today but we will be back and we will have our questions answered,” McAleer added.

Meanwhile, a poll by TIPP Insights found that 68% of Americans support the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s business deals, which he allegedly conducted using his father’s name and position within the US government.

We all know Joe Biden was involved and, at the very least, was making a cut of the profits from the deals.

While the left spent four years hounding President Trump and drumming up allegations against him, Joe Biden and his family have been exploiting the US government for decades.

The double standards and hypocrisy are truly astounding.

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