Enough Is Enough! Texas Lawmakers Moving To Put An End To Despicable ‘Child Drag’ Shows

(Rallying Patriots) – Despite all of the economical and global issues facing the US right now, we’re still in a battle for America’s soul. The radical left is still pushing their LGBT agenda which is targeted at the nation’s children.

It seems the battle for the US is all encompassing.

Fortunately, one Texas lawmaker has had enough of the left’s efforts to groom and sexualize children. He’s introducing legislation to put an end to drag queens being allowed to perform their disgusting, sexually explicit dances in the presence of children in the Lone Star state.

Rep. Bryan Slaton of Rose City announced his plan Monday in a tweet, saying during the next legislative session he intends to file legislation that would make it a criminal act for adult drag queens to perform in front of children.

Why aren’t there more lawmakers like Slaton?

Slaton’s announcement came in response to sickening video footage taken at an Oak Lawn gay bar over the weekend which hosted a “family-friendly” drag queen show. Numerous children were in attendance Saturday but there was nothing “family-friendly” about the show.

It’s disturbing to think any parent would be OK with subjecting their children to this debauchery.

Video from the event shows male transsexuals dressed up like strippers, dancing in front of children in highly sexual ways.

It’s all completely inappropriate.

The twisted event was labeled “Bring the Kids to Pride” and featured a neon lit sign with the phrase “it’s not gonna lick itself” as the backdrop for drag queen performers and children to dance in front of.

Dallas Police arrived at the gay bar but did nothing to stop the event from continuing. Slaton, a former pastor, noted that Speaker Dean Phelan and Texas House Republicans all agree in their objection to the drag queen shows taking place in front of children, or worse, with child participants.

While Slaton’s legislation may find broad support in the Texas legislature, it won’t stop leftists from defending this sick behavior. Radical activists are already claiming anyone who has a problem with it are guilty of discrimination against homosexuals.

No surprise there.

Slaton has been fighting the good fight against the radical left’s demented agenda and has previously supported legislation to bar surgeons from performing “gender transition” castration surgeries on children.

You don’t need us to state the obvious but “family-friendly drag shows” simply do not exist. The very nature of drag queens is sexual and in no way appropriate for children.

If grown adults want to dress up as drag queens and spend their time in gay bars, they have the right to do that. The issue is that these people actually believe it’s OK to bring children into these environments. It’s not and it’s called grooming.

Shame on any parent who takes their children to a drag queen show.

We fully support Slaton’s legislation and hope more lawmakers step up and do what’s needed to protect children from this grotesque, sexual depravity.

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