MUTINY: Harvard-Trained Democrat Psychologist Says Google Bias Could Have Shifted Millions Of Votes To Biden

(Rallying Patriots) – Harvard-trained research psychologist and dedicated Democratic Party voter Dr. Robert Epstein found Google’s search-engine manipulation in the 2020 election might have been responsible for shifting up to 6 million votes to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, which is what caused him to turn his sights on the Georgia Senate elections.

According to a report from WND, Epstein stated in an interview that after he monitored three national elections, his team of field agents found no political bias in Google’s search results.

However, Epstein thinks that his monitoring efforts are what led to this result and therefore, he’s planning to increase them exponentially.

“We went public in late October with monitoring, and it appears that we forced Google to back off on Georgia,” he said during his interview with WND.

Epstein is now working on putting together a “permanent, large-scale monitoring system in all 50 states.” He would also like to have another system created by the end of 2021 to find out what Big Tech companies “are showing our kids.”

“Next year, before the midterms, we would like to be building in as many states as possible the infrastructure for a large-scale permanent system,” he went on to say.

This will be an expensive endeavor, but “the good news is we know how to do it,” he said.

“That’s taken five years,” he explained. “And we know it can have an impact on the content these companies are showing people.”

Epstein then said that Congress is doing nothing, with Democrats “in the pocket” of Big Tech and the GOP hesitant to regulate businesses.

“So it’s a perfect storm here for perpetuating these irregularities,” Epstein noted.

“Epstein opposes antitrust action, which often looks promising but turns out to be “just an example of regulatory capture,” meaning agencies acting in the interest of the business and not the public,” the report said.

“It’s a classic mechanism by which large companies work with government agencies to craft laws, punishments and settlements that serve those companies,” he said during the interview, adding, “They will benefit the tech companies and not protect us.”

Epstein then argued that antitrust actions are all about helping to protect businesses from being dominated by monopolies in the industry.

“You could argue that consumers can benefit. But I don’t think any company can give us better search results,” he went on to say.

Epstein is hoping that his efforts, which have created a large body of evidence, will help bolster actions taken against Big Tech companies.

“I think I turned a corner with these last elections. I think I have the evidence we need,” he said.

“Epstein, a registered Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in the last two presidential elections, has paid a personal price for his work, which he sees as an effort to preserve free and fair elections and ultimately the republic itself,” WND said.

“Noting Google is “pervasive” in academia, he said a paper he recently submitted to a journal was rejected in a “very, very odd” process. Epstein, who pointed out he has been published in academic journals for 40 years and has been a reviewer himself, said one reviewer accepted his paper with only minor revisions. The other reviewer kept his or her identity secret, which he said he’s never seen in his entire career. That review recommended rejection, and the journal rejected the paper,” it continued.

“I don’t think that’s allowed. I think it’s unethical. I’m protesting it loudly, but, of course, it raises some obvious questions,” Epstein said, adding, “Was the secret review written by someone who receives financial support from Google?”

“Why would the journal editors take it seriously?” he asked. “Do they have financial support from Google?”

Epstein then said in some cases, he actually discovered people were writing up negative reviews concerning his work and that these individuals are being supported by Google.

The doctor believes that the establishment of a permanent, large-scale monitoring system in all 50 states is necessary at this point.

“That is the only way to protect democracy, human autonomy and our descendants from invisible manipulation by Big Tech companies, now and in the decades to come,” he went on to say during his presentation.

“In November 2020, Epstein’s researchers collected 500,000 election-related searches, which is about 30 times more data than his team collected in 2016. They found four years ago, as WND reported in an interview with Epstein, that biased results generated by Google’s search algorithm likely impacted undecided voters in a way that gave at least 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton and as many as 10.4 million,” the WND report continued.

“In the Senate runoff elections in Georgia in January, the number of election-related searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Facebook was doubled, with 1,112,416 collected by 1,003 field agents,” it said.

During the November election, Epstein noted that more leftists than conservatives were being sent vote reminders on their Google homepage.

“I’m not a conservative, but this is very disturbing, from the perspective of the principles of a free and fair election,” he said in the interview.

In the Georgia election, none of his agents in the field received vote reminders.

“He found in 2016 that biased results generated by Google’s search algorithm likely impacted undecided voters in a way that gave at least 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton,” the report went on to say, adding, “He based that on his preservation of more than 13,000 election-related searches conducted by a diverse group of Americans on Google, Bing, and Yahoo in the weeks leading up to the election.”

At the end of the day, Epstein is right. This is very disturbing. It’s time for Congress to take action against Big Tech and help preserve our republic.

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  1. When you have monopoly power, you can bet it will be UTILIZED in the best interests of the MONOPOLISTS! Only the past governments of the U.S. have mostly used their powered for GOOD!


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