DOJ Letting Portland Rioters Off Easy Highlights Double Standards In Political Persecution Of Capitol Protesters

(Rallying Patriots) – We all know that Biden’s federal government is blatantly prosecuting those involved with the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 for political reasons. It’s never been more obvious.

The Department of Justice has decided to go easy on rioters arrested in connection with Portland riots at a federal courthouse, giving them a slap on the wrist and the opportunity to earn a clear criminal record with a period of time in which they stay out of trouble and perform community service.

This same treatment is not being extended to those involved with the Capitol riot despite the fact that the circumstances and actions were very similar. The only difference really is political ideologies.

Oh, and that the Portland riot happened at night. You know, it doesn’t count since it wasn’t during business hours.

Politico reports that the decision to be lenient with Portland rioters could make the federal government’s political persecution of Capitol rioters harder.

Prosecutors have approved deals in several federal felony cases that arose from clashes between protesters and law enforcement agents in Oregon last summer.

The arrangements where the defendants can end up with a clean criminal record are known as deferred resolution agreements.

Of course, the federal government’s willingness to resolve the Portland cases without criminal convictions shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Biden now sits in the Oval office.

His DOJ is not in the business of enacting any actual justice. They’ve become a brazen political entity aimed at punishing those who dissent from the radical left.

Politico reports that “Five of the Portland cases in which deals were recently struck involved a felony charge of interfering with police during civil disorder,” and some of the defendants were accused of punching or jumping on police officers during violent riots.

These civil disorder cases are relevant to the Capitol riot cases because of the fact that those defendants are also facing police interference charges.

The Portland riots and the Capitol riot share many similarities yet defendants are being treated wildly differently.

One defense attorney in Washington DC representing Capitol riot defendants pointed out the unfair double standards.

“The individual conduct is actually not all that different: You’re at a protest that turns into a riot… The core conduct is the same, so if people out there are getting deferred prosecution for that conduct, then my guy should be.”

While the defendants in Portland are being spared any jail time, prosecutors in DC have sought pretrial detention for almost all of the Capitol riot cases involving alleged assaults on police officers.

This has included Capitol protesters being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day with some being “severely beaten” by DC correction officers who asserted they “hate all white people.”

America now has two “justice systems.” As Tucker Carlson recently pointed out, “one for the allies of the people in charge and one for their enemies.”

We are truly living in some unpredictable, dangerous times.

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  1. Knowing this (Police treating Antifa & oBLM with kid gloves) demands that citizens be prepared to defend themselves! If you’re expecting the Police or FBI to defend your rights, I am feeling sorry for you. The FBI Agent Peter Strozok committed treason with the knowledge of the FBI organization. So expecting them to defend us against the rioting and looting of the Antifa and the (O)BLM is a waste of time. This should cause a big rush to Arms suppliers, so if your investing, invest in Smith and Wesson.


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