Doctor: Families Sneak Ivermectin To Loved Ones In Hospitals With COVID-19, See Improvement

(Rallying Patriots) – Now that the federal government and health officials have become the arbiters of healthcare in the US, Americans are being forced to take desperate measures to ensure their loved ones don’t unnecessarily die from COVID.

We all know, by now, that hospitals are the places where people sick with COVID go to die. Hospitals are, whether knowingly or not, killing COVID patients with their so-called treatment practices and thanks to the federal government putting their rubber stamp of approval on it, there doesn’t seem to be anything any of us can do about it.

In Florida, people are taking matters into their own hands. One doctor is saying that families of individuals hospitalized with COVID are doing whatever they have to do to keep their loved ones from dying as a result of approved treatments.

Some of these families have seen outstanding success by sneaking medications into their loved ones that are currently banned by hospitals.

Eduardo Balbona, an independent internist in Jacksonville, Florida, has helped dozens of seriously ill patients recover from COVID using the controversial but affordable, safe and effective drug, ivermectin along with other drugs and supplements which are not approved for COVID treatment.

What many people might not realize is that the federal government has been paying hospitals quite nicely for their treatment of COVID patients. However, the payments are contingent upon the hospital’s compliance with the approved treatment options as prescribed by the benevolent government.

When these treatment options aren’t working, as they often do not, Balbona says it results in families searching out for alternative methods which leads them to learn about treatment options that independent physicians around the country have had success using.

Families have desperately tried everything to intervene in the care of their loved ones including filing lawsuits asking judges to intervene.

Balbona believes families should have the right to seek out alternative treatment methods when the hospitals’ treatments are not working. However, independent doctors have limited hospital privileges and may even be banned from seeing their own patients.

That was the case for Balbona recently when he was contacted by a concerned wife after she read in the Epoch Times about his involvement in another family’s lawsuit in which they were seeking to try his treatment recommendations.

After speaking with the wife, Balbona concluded that her husband could recover if he was treated with the regimen he prescribes for seriously ill COVID patients which he learned from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

“The husband was very ill,” Balbona said. “He’s in his 50s, a big strong guy. She called me desperate because they gave him Remdesivir [in the hospital] and she made them stop it, and he started getting worse and worse. And his oxygen demand went up.”

By the time she called Balbona for help, her husband needed 60 liters of oxygen per minute. That’s too high to manage at home, even with rented medical equipment, Balbona said.

“If you can get them down to 40 or 50 [liters per minute] you can do high-flow oxygen at that level,” Balbona told The Epoch Times. “That’s a lot of oxygen.”

He told the wife if he improved enough to go home he would take over his care and he gave her prescriptions so she could collect the medications she’d need at home. That was on a Friday.

Balbona later learned that she had filled the prescriptions and took the medicine into the hospital and gave them to her husband. By Tuesday, the man was improved enough to be discharged. A few days later, he was well enough to be taken off the oxygen. He is now nearly fully recovered.

All because his wife took action and got him on ivermectin. Had she done nothing, her husband could very well be dead by now. She is now terrified that the government is going to find out that she snuck ivermectin into the hospital to save her husband.

She is living in fear that if the government finds out they will arrest her for giving the medications to her husband that were not approved by the hospital.

Balbona said, “She is sure that the government is going to find out who she is.”

He said she told him, “I did it. I knew it was wrong. I don’t know what the penalties are. What could they do to me?”

This is so wrong.

Fortunately, some lawmakers are working towards making ivermectin more available as an over-the-counter medication, such as in New Hampshire where lawmakers are working on legislation to accomplish just that.

Sadly, similar bills have failed in three other states.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Leah Cushman (R) is a registered nurse, who told The Epoch Times, “I have absolutely no doubt lives will be saved if human grade ivermectin was available to COVID patients.”

Naturally, two doctors testified against her proposed bill warning that the legislation could lead to dangerous side effects for people who use ivermectin. Cushman, however, believes she will still have the votes to keep the bill alive.

When Balbona heard about the proposed legislation in New Hampshire, he called two state senators and two attorneys, who are patients, and requested they look into proposing similar legislation in Florida.

“If we can get legislation to say, ‘Let the doctor do what he thinks is best,’ I think that would be wonderful,” Balbona said. “If New Hampshire can do this, why can’t we?”

What a sad reality. Doctors are no longer allowed to treat patients the way they see fit and Americans who use safe and effective medicine to treat COVID have to live in fear of the government.

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