Disturbing: Man Suffers Seizure Inside Car Minutes After Shot At Drive-Thru Covid Vaccine Site

(Rallying Patriots) – Have Americans really been so conditioned that they believe that Big Pharma actually has care and concern for our health rather than their astronomical profit margins and bottom lines?

Are Americans really so gullible that they’re willing to be scared into receiving a vaccine for a virus that 98%+ people survive and that doesn’t even stop the transmission of the virus?

Are Americans actually so convinced by the “science” that dangerous vaccine “side effects” like blood clots, seizures, paralysis, and even death are just normal?

Apparently, yes.

The corrupt establishment media has been highly effective in convincing millions of Americans that COVID-19 is the modern day Black Plague and the only way to survive it is by getting injected with an experimental vaccine that does not actually stop the virus from spreading while taking the chance of suffering dangerous and permanent “side effects.”

What a time to be alive.

Critical and independent thinking are completely eluding millions of Americans and now vaccine injury reporting has become some kind of demented new normal.

Yet another incident in which an individual dutifully received their COVID shot and ended up immediately regretting it has surfaced. At least we hope he regretted it after suffering a terrifying seizure behind the wheel of his car at a mobile COVID vaccination site.

In disturbing video footage captured of the incident, the man can be seen experiencing an adverse reaction to the experimental shot while others are awaiting their turn.

In the video circulating social media, several workers can be seen frantically trying to wake the man back into consciousness as he appears to be totally passed out after receiving the Moderna shot.

He then begins having a seizure in which visible convulsions rattle observers. One worker can be heard saying, “I think he’s having a seizure.”

A second man in a red car also appears to be having a hard time maintaining consciousness following his injection.

The person filming says, “Holy sh*t man, that fu*kin’ freaked me out right now.”

“Folks just passing out,” another person says.

The person who filmed the adverse reactions claims on Instagram that shortly before the footage was shot they observed “a wave of seizures.”

“The beginning was much more chaotic,” writes Instagram user Zetaattlast. “It was like a wave of seizures jumping from car to car and mine was next!”

In his Instagram post, he further details the incident and then warns, “This something else folks. Don’t shoot your self up with this over something that has 99.8% recovery rate. Look what happened to these guys! In front of my eyes y’all. I WITNESSED IT ALL HAPPEN! (God planted me there this morning) for me to see this to show y’all!”

He also aptly pointed out that this is what happened to these individuals within minutes of getting the shot, “You see we don’t know what 5 months 5 years what this does to you.”

There is A LOT we don’t know and Big Pharma is using Americans as their guinea pigs. These shots are absolutely not worth it no matter how much freedom the government is promising to allow us if we comply.

Freedom is God-given and these vaccines are a threat to humanity.

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