Did Hell Just Freeze Over? Now DEMOCRAT Governor Is Busing Illegal Aliens To Other States

(Rallying Patriots) – Democrats are still unwilling to share in the burden of taking on illegal aliens who have come into the US unlawfully and are now waiting for their day in immigration court for their asylum claims, many of which are totally bogus.

Instead of staying in Mexico until their court date, which deterred many from even proceeding with the asylum claims, under President Trump, Biden is just letting in as many as can get across the border. Red border states have essentially been expected to absorb them all and support them too.

When Texas, Florida and Arizona governors started busing illegal aliens to Democratic strongholds like Chicago, New York City and Martha’s Vineyard, Dems went into full meltdown mode.

Now one of their own is taking part in the busing of illegal aliens and he’s drawing contempt from his fellow Democrats.

The Washington Examiner reports that Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is busing illegal aliens who have arrived in his state to New York City. While he’s doing the exact same thing Governors Abbott (TX), DeSantis (FL) and Ducey (AZ) did, Polis is making it seem like it’s a humanitarian effort meant to help the aliens and totally not at all like what the Republican governors did.

His office confirmed on Tuesday that aliens are being bused to New York City but attempted to defend the move, saying 70% of the aliens being moved out did not have Colorado as their final destination. Polis argued that his administration is treating the aliens with “dignity and respect” and therefore it’s totally fine to bus them around the country.

“No one should play politics with the lives of migrants who came here to escape oppression, and in Colorado, we are honoring our values of treating people with dignity and respect,” he stated in a press release.

“Coloradans would expect nothing less from us to uphold our shared values to assist people fleeing oppression.”

Denver has taken in 3,500 illegal aliens since Dec. 9, many of which were moved there from border states such as Texas. Denver’s mayor, Michael Hancock, declared a state of emergency last month and has even requested federal aid to assist with the flood of illegal aliens.

Now it appears Gov. Polis has got involved and made the decision to just move the aliens elsewhere. Polis reportedly called New York City Mayor Eric Adams Monday night to inform him of the plans to send him the illegal aliens but Adams did not appreciate the gift of diversity.

“We were notified [Monday] that the governor of Colorado is now stating that they are going to be sending migrants to places like New York and Chicago. This is just unfair for local governments to have to take on this national obligation. We’ve done our job. There’s no more room,” Adams lamented to radio host Sid Rosenberg.

The Big Apple has taken in over 30,000 aliens from other states in recent months, most of which are asylum-seekers waiting for their court dates.

The strategy of busing aliens started with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott with Operation Lone Star. He noted he’s sent over 16,000 illegals to self-described sanctuary cities who claim to have policies dedicated to protecting illegal aliens. Florida and Arizona followed suit and Democrats threw a tantrum, claiming the Republican governors were using illegals for political purposes, an absurdly hilarious claim.

Democrats have slammed Republicans over busing illegal aliens to their cities but refuse to take the issue up with Joe Biden who has allowed record illegals to enter the US through his abysmal border and immigration policies.

Polis, however, did call on the Federal government to stop the flow of record numbers of aliens from entering the US. He did, however, continue to pretend as though he was doing them some kind of favor by busing them off to other cities.

“The stories I’ve heard firsthand from migrants are heartbreaking and we are helping these individuals complete their long and arduous journey. States and cities cannot continue to bear this burden alone and Congress needs to finally step up — we need an immediate route to work permits, and to finally enact better border security and immigration reform,” Polis said.

Polis also emphasized the fact that illegal aliens had become frustrated after being “trapped for a week or two in a place they didn’t want to be through no fault of their own.”

Polis is helping aliens by busing them while Republican governors were “using” them for political purposes. The hypocrisy of Democrats never fails.

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