Diamond Of MAGA Duo ‘Diamond & Silk’ Dies: ‘A True Angel And Warrior Patriot For Freedom’

(Rallying Patriots) – Lynette Hardaway, who is best known as Diamond from the hilarious and infamous duo of Trump supporters known as Diamond and Silk, tragically passed away on Monday evening at the age of 51. This is a truly huge blow to the freedom movement in this country. Diamond and Silk are important voices, especially when it comes to sharing the message of liberty in the black community, which tends to be largely Democratic. They demonstrated what it really means to be a free thinker, despite all of the horrendous treatment they received for not joining in with the progressive groupthink.

Steve Warren, writing for CBN News, said, “The lively political commentator and her sister Rochelle ‘Silk’ Richardson were big supporters of former President Donald Trump during his presidential campaign in 2016 and reelection campaign in 2020.”

The former president took an opportunity to weigh in on the loss of Hardaway in a post published on Truth Social Monday evening, stating, “Really bad news for Republicans and frankly, ALL Americans.”

“Our beautiful Diamond, of Diamond and Silk, has just passed away at her home in the State she loved so much, North Carolina. Silk was with her all the way, and at her passing. There was no better TEAM anywhere, or at any time!” Trump went on to say in the post.

“Diamond’s death was totally unexpected, probably her big and precious HEART just plain gave out. Rest In Peace our Magnificent Diamond, you will be greatly missed!” the former president ended his comment.

There was an announcement about Hardaway’s passing published on their Facebook page, though it did not reveal the cause of death.

“The World just lost a True Angel and Warrior Patriot for Freedom, Love, and Humanity! Diamond blazed a trail, founded on her passion and love for the entire race of humanity. In this time of grief, please respect the privacy of Diamond’s family but remember and celebrate the gift that she gave us all! Memorial Ceremony to be announced soon,” the post read.

A tweet from Nov. 26 on the duo’s official Twitter page stated that Hardaway was going through a pretty serious health struggle.

“Anyone who believes in the power of prayer please pray for Diamond,” the tweet went on to say.

“Hardaway and Richardson burst onto the scene in 2016 with their entertaining and very political points of view. They later became internet sensations. Their blunt tell-it-like-it-is approach won them a huge following,” Warren wrote for CBN News.

“We’re not politically correct, we’re politically direct,” Diamond explained during an interview with CBN News in 2020. “You can say we’re two black chicks who are down with politics that love this country, love America.”

“Their journey to supporting former President Trump and attaining fame was chronicled in their book which is a look at how two regular working-class people made it big in America. As two preacher’s kids, their thankfulness starts at the top,” Warren continued.

“We had no plans for any of this. None of it,” Diamond remarked during the interview. “It just all snowballed into what you see today. God is the author of our lives.”

Silk then interjected, sharing a life motto that the duo lives by.

“We often say that God would not have brought us to it if he wasn’t going to see us through it. That’s why we say it’s a divine order. We were created for such a time as this,” she noted.

As you might expect, being two black women who were staunchly conservative was not an easy road to walk. They were frequent targets for the left-wing propagandists in the mainstream media.

“The media is so nasty, especially the left-wing media,” Diamond commented. “They are so nasty when you don’t go along with their narrative. You have to understand what they’ve done to black America is they depicted black America as to how they want them to be: as left-leaning liberals.”

The pair were also victims of censorship with bans from Facebook due to sharing what the social media giant referred to as “unsafe” content, which loosely translates to any information that contradicts the established narratives approved by the Democratic Party.

Facebook eventually issued an “apology” but to this very day, the company still slaps fact-check warnings on the content they post. Diamond and Silk had similar experiences with YouTube.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing concerning the issue in 2018, Democrats attempted to question their complaints. However, the sisters were not having any of the nonsense, going on to state, “You’re not going to brush us off and dismiss us that we don’t have merit here. These people censored us for no reason. They put limitations on our page for no reason, and that was wrong.”

Many other folks in the conservative movement mourned the loss of Hardaway.

Ben Carson, world class neurosurgeon and former House and Urban Development Secretary, along with his wife Candy, tweeted, “Diamond of @DiamondandSilk was an incredible person who truly cared about America. I enjoyed going on the show because she was always positive, with a smile, and reminded people why America is so important and worth saving. We send condolences to Silk and Diamond’s entire family.”

Tamera Leigh, a conservative commentator posted, “#RipDiamond @DiamondandSilk were gracious, good humored, & fierce voices for @realDonaldTrump and America! Prayers for Silk & Diamond’s family. What a treasure she was!”

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  1. REST IN PEACE DEAR DIAMOND! Such an nsspiration to all Americans.! We will miss your smile, your patriotism and your love for our COUNTRY!


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