Dad Suspects Covid-19 Vaccine After 10-Year-Old “Basically Died” From Heart Issue On Playground

(Rallying Patriots) – The one positive to come out of the entire COVID ordeal is that it has caused many millions of people all around the world to “wake up,” for lack of a better way to put it.

For many years now, governments around the world have been leading their countries down dark, hopeless roads to progressive globalism. The entire COVID charade has been just another orchestrated ploy to get the world closer and closer to uniting under the New World Order.

The COVID vaccines aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do at all. Despite Joe Biden and other political figures emphatically claiming that those who get the vaccines will not get COVID, it’s simply not true.

Not only does it not stop the spread of the virus but it doesn’t prevent hospitalization or death. As a matter of fact, if anything, the vaccines make hospitalization or death more likely in healthy people.

Fortunately, many millions have seen that the vaccine agenda is hardly about “health and safety” and have refused to subject themselves to it. Sadly, millions of others have not and have diligently done what they feel is their part in protecting themselves and others from the virus, which they have been led to believe will kill them and their loved ones.

Now, a whole different type of awakening is going on. A dad from Ireland posted a somber video to social media detailing his experience getting his 10-year-old son vaccinated.

Sean Eile explains in a TikTok video that on January 15, he had his son vaccinated and two weeks later, on January 31, the boy was playing at school when he suffered a nearly fatal heart attack.

He asserts that he believes the boy’s heart attack was caused by the COVID vaccine despite the fact that the hospital immediately declared the shot was not the cause and would not document anything different.

“Everyone in the house is vaccinated. I got my youngest son vaccinated on the 15th of January, and two weeks later, on the 31 of January, he was playing in school, and he had a… well I’ll show you,” Eile says holding up a printout of an EKG showing an extremely fast heart rate.

“He basically died,” Eile continued, adding, “The ambulance was able to [resuscitate] him.”

He explains that the boy has never suffered from any heart issues in the past, neither has anyone in his family. Despite this information, doctors refused to acknowledge any possible link to the COVID vaccine.

“We’ve been told, ‘No, it’s nothing to do with the vaccine…because it only happened once.’ I don’t know,” Eile said, before adding he feels “proper guilty” about getting the boy vaccinated.

“The fact that the consultant in the hospital denied any link, so that it won’t be recorded as associated with the vaccine – that’s not good,” the dad says.

It’s pretty clear there is something much more nefarious going on with the vaccines than the medical establishment is willing to admit.

Before getting your children vaccinated, think twice. This is not the kind of awakening you want to have.

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