Corrupt Obama Judge Orders Sidney Powell Be Punished

(Rallying Patriots) – The radical left has successfully rigged and stolen the 2020 presidential election. Anyone who dares speak out against the corruption and demands that the truth be revealed is immediately targeted by unhinged Deep State loyalists who will do anything to protect the fraudulent regime.

That includes judges. While judges are supposed to be on the side of the law and justice, in 21st century America judges are as partisan as politicians and they don’t do a very good job hiding it.

Corrupt Obama-appointed judge Linda Parker is one such political hack disguised as a judge.

Somehow, she was chosen for the 2020 election case in Michigan where massive and widespread corruption took place that resulted in the election being stolen from President Trump and handed to Joe Biden on a silver platter.

Sidney Powell asserted last year that she had a number of “smoking gun” witness testimonies and that the information they had was so explosive she thought that some of them would need witness protection.

Yet, crooked Judge Linda Parker shut down the case and ended it. No shocker there.

Democrats in Michigan have been fighting hard against Sidney Powell and fellow Trump supporter and lawyer Lin Wood for their claims that the election was stolen and their assertions that they could prove it.

The Gateway Pundit has reported that the corrupt Obama judge has got in bed with Democrats and has ordered that Powell and Wood go to training, pay the state’s costs in the case and be put up for review to be possibly penalized and even suspended.

For standing up for American freedom and democracy, Powell and Wood have been ordered for evaluation to possibly be suspended or disbarred.

This is not justice just like the “democracy” Democrats refer to is not democracy at all but rather tyranny and communism.

While millions of Americans recognize the 2020 election was stolen and that Joe Biden is not the legitimate president, there doesn’t seem to be anything anyone can do as long as the judicial system remains a hostage to radical leftists on the bench.

There can never be justice until these corrupt Deep State judges are called out and removed from their positions. They can no longer be allowed to abuse the judicial system and betray the American people.

It’s time for Americans to stand up and demand an end to this collusion between judges and the Democrats. It’s time for Americans to get angry and fight for this country before it’s too late.

Elections have consequences but stolen elections have even dire consequences. We are losing our country and there are judges sitting in courts who are happy to do the fraudulent Biden regime’s bidding.

Copyright 2021.


  1. In all my years on this earth, I never thought I would ever be saying this, but right now I’M NOT PROUD OF THIS COUNTRY….IN FACT I’M ASHAMED OF IT.

    The Democrats have destroyed what once was the greatest country in the world. They’ve turned it into their NEW WORLD ORDER and their ONE PARTY SYSTEM where Conservatives should be DESTROYED. The Democrats are no better than the Taliban who destroy their enemy by lobbing off their heads. Is that what we can expect from the Democrats next?

  2. Crooked Judge Linda Parker is supposed to be a Federal Judge but in truth she was appointed by the Muslim President Barack Obama and has come forward as a Democrat tool to be used against Conservatives!!! There seems to be a very large number of these tools in use by the Democrats as shown by how many Election Court Cases they refused to hear or allow!! Even the SCOTUS appears to be a Democrat tool for identical reasons!! In my opinion they are all traitors as are all Democrats!!


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