Conservative Rock Star Calls ‘Emergency Press Conference,’ Appeals For Help Over New Vax Troubles

(Rallying Patriots) – According to a new report from BizPacReview, conservative radio powerhouse Dan Bongino has been off the air for weeks now as he continues a back-and-forth battle with his distributor Cumulus Media concerning the company’s vaccine mandate.

And now there are rumors beginning to float around that say he’s starting to lose support from other conservative radio hosts due to his possessing the intestinal fortitude to actually stand on his principles on this issue.

“I need your help. This is important,” he went on to announce in a video that was posted on Facebook. “You know I’ve been, uh… I objected strongly to a company I work with, Cumulus, and their radio show over the vaccine mandate. Now, there’s a bunch of people leaking to the media. They are desperate to get me to change the narrative and get the media to change the narrative. They don’t want anybody standing on principle against these vaccine mandates. They want everyone to shut your mouth and sit down.”

“Well, I’m not going to shut up and I’m not going to sit down. And here’s where I need your help. Aidan McLaughlin from Mediaite is a leftie. He just reached out and said, ‘Hey Dan, we’re getting word that this isn’t about your vaccine mandate, this is about getting out of your contract.’ Which is funny because I get out of my contract with a get out of my contract provision that’s actually in my contract,” Bongino then noted.

“Which is kind of dumb and the Mediaite guy doesn’t know that. But the reason he’s putting that in there and that someone leaked that to him is that they’re trying to discredit this anti-vaccine, pro-body sovereignty, pro-liberty movement. And they want to discredit and kneecap people like me, but the second part of the email from this lefty media guy was really disturbing and it’s something that I kind of kept close to the vest. But now that these so-called conservative radio hosts have decided to leak to the media themselves, I’m gonna fight back,” he proclaimed (watch here).

“His second question was really disturbing and ripped my heart out. He said, ‘Hey, a bunch of conservative radio hosts said that you are losing, you lost their support on this.’ Well, let me tell you what’s really going on. And you should probably tag your conservative radio hosts and media people, friends in this as well on social media and ask them the question,” the former Secret Service agent went on to say in the video.

“I’m losing their support? You know why I’m losing their support? Because a lot of them don’t have the balls to stand up and say anything in support because they don’t want to lose their freaking gravy train. That’s why. So they decided it would be a good idea to try and discredit me. You can stand up and say something. I haven’t put anybody on the spot. I haven’t mentioned any names. I didn’t mention any names now,” Bongino continued, delivering a harsh but necessary rebuke to other conservatives not taking a stand.

“But making it even worse, some of these so-called conservative radio hosts, some of them who happen to be in the spot I’m in on the radio, some of their companies are actually reaching out to some program directors to stations I’m on saying, ‘Hey, don’t worry about our guys. Our guys are actually a bunch of corporate flunkies. They’re not real conservatives. They won’t say anything about vaccine mandates. Why don’t you bring us in and get this troublemaker out of there?’” he went on to say.

“Yeah, I am a troublemaker. I’ll always be a troublemaker. I will be a troublemaker from now until the day I go six feet deep. Because trouble matters. When bad sh*t is happening you should start causing trouble against bad sh*t. If you don’t have the balls to start trouble against bad sh*t, then get the hell off the radio. Go into sports talk radio or go do entertainment commentary,” the conservative radio host stated.

“They’re leaking that to the media because they don’t want people calling them asking them where they stand on a vaccine mandate and they want my job. You want my job? Yeah, you can have it. You can move right in. But remember it’s you, you the conservatives in the country fighting against this that they’re going to have to deal with on the call-ins all the time,” Bongino then pointed out.

“Really? Where were you when Dan stood up for this thing? Where were you? Were you like a vulture, parasite moving in on his job? That’s all you cared about?” he went on to ask.

Bongino then made a second request for those who support him and his program to get on social media and start contacting other conservative radio hosts. Bongino wants those who listen to the show to ask them where they stand on the issue of vaccine mandates, noting that this is urgent.

The radio host himself is vaccinated, however, he opposes vaccine mandates and he’s actually bold enough to take a stand against them. Bongino actually threatened to quit back on October 18 over this particular issue.

Just four days later the host told his listeners, “It’s been an extremely exhausting week. I just want to assure you again you will get my content here. This is my podcast. I own this podcast, okay? This will be here next week.”

“The radio program, syndicated through Cumulus, which has a vaccine mandate — that conversation has not been going well,” he continued. “It’s been degenerating even worse. It is ongoing, but as I said to them, and I will repeat again with Cumulus: I am not going to be there while there is a vaccine mandate. They can have the vaccine mandate or they can have me, but they can’t have both.”

Bongino has been off the air ever since and is still refusing to back down on the issue.

However, Mediaite seems to be insinuating there are other reasons for Bongino being off the air.

The media outlet, citing North Alabama-based conservative radio host Dale Jackson, who has accused Bongino of “virtue signaling” his supposed opposition to mandates.

“The reason why I called it virtue signaling is very simple: the mandate went into place a week after he said he wouldn’t work for a company that had a vaccine mandate,” Jackson commented.

Bongino is also apparently being smeared by unnamed sources who are saying that he’s not committed to his own podcast and that he wants to break free from his current contract.

And this is coming from so-called conservative people. How shameful.

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