Conservative Rabbi Destroys Dem Senator Who Claims To Support Israel While Funding Iran

(Rallying Patriots) – A Jewish rabbi, who was at one time a close friend of New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, completely and totally demolished his claims of supporting the nation of Israel while also sending billions of dollars to one of the country’s biggest enemies in the Middle East, Iran. You learn a whole lot more about a person from their actions than you do their words, and what Booker has done definitely does not match his verbal claims.

Rachel Emmanuel of The Western Journal wrote, “On Sunday, Booker posted a video of himself from Israel. Booker said that he happened to be in Israel when the nation was attacked by the radical terrorist group Hamas.”

“I was in Israel when the horrific attacks carried out by Hamas started on Saturday. My team and I are now safe, but like many we are shaken, angered, and heartbroken by the hundreds killed, the thousands injured, those taken hostage, and all who are directly affected by these sickening terrorist attacks,” Booker remarked in his post.

“After this experience,” Booker asserted, “more than ever, I am committed to working with my colleagues in the Senate to continue supporting Israel’s security and ensuring stability in the region — and I hope one day soon, a long-term and just peace in the region.”

Emmanuel noted that in the video, Booker went on to describe coming back to his hotel when he heard the news Israel was under attack, recounting that he and others who were scared headed for the stairwell.

His video concluded with him saying, “We who believe in peace and freedom and human rights for Palestinians, for Israelis, for all humankind, must reject those who use terror as their weapon.”

Emmanuel then stated in her article, “Rabbi Shmuley, a conservative rabbi and one of the leading defenders of Israel, reposted the video with his very direct take on Booker’s post. A 2019 article in the Washington Post described Shmuley Boteach as a ‘close friend and spiritual mentor during what Booker describes as a ‘profoundly shaping’ period of his life.’”

The piece published by the Post revealed that the two men formed a rather unlikely friendship while both were living in England. Booker was a student at Oxford University, and Boteach had been sent to the same school by the Orthodox Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic organization to help establish a presence for the group on campus.

“They met when a Jewish woman Booker was interested in stood him up after asking him to meet her at the ‘L’Chaim Society.’ Boteach’s wife, Debbie, noticed Booker and, since they were celebrating a Jewish holiday, invited him to stay for dinner,” The Western Journal reported. “The two spent many Shabbat dinners after that debating and discussing scripture. Booker and Debbie would cook ‘kosher soul food’ together. Boteach taught Booker the Torah, and Booker can still recite passages of Hebrew thanks to Boteach.”

As strange as it may sound from what we know about the senator today, Booker somehow ended up becoming the co-president of the L’Chaim Society. At some point, other Jewish leaders requested that Boteach remove all non-Jewish individuals from the group, an order he refused to comply with, making the society an independent group.

The two men parted ways as life carried them in different directions, Booker into politics, and Boteach into television and becoming a writer.

“But although they both lived in New Jersey in 2019, the two were no longer talking to each other. According to the Post article, Boteach said his friendship with Booker ended when Booker supported the Iran deal in September 2015, which Boteach said was an ‘unforgivable betrayal of Israel,'” the report disclosed.

Boteach opined that Booker seemed to be “embarrassed” about his connections with Judaism as he sought to grow his influence within the Democratic Party. Because as we all know, the modern-day Democratic Party just loves antisemitism. If you aren’t onboard with trashing Israel, well, you’re not really a Democrat. That’s how they seem to think anyway.

In an article published by The Jerusalem Post, Boteach once declared, “I will always love Cory as the man who became my closest friend. But I cannot overlook his stunning unfaithfulness to the Jewish people.”

Well, it looks like the Iran deal is really coming back to bite Booker in the backside and Boteach did not waste the opportunity to call him out on it.

On social media, Boteach shared Booker’s post about the recent attacks on Israel, saying, “Cory Booker voted to give Iran $150b. Then he ran today away from Israel.”

“@corybooker please stop bragging about how you endured rockets in Israel,” the rabbi continued.

“You were my closest friend for 25 years. You were my student president at Oxford and my brother. Then you voted to give the Iranian terrorist monsters, who are largely responsible through Hamas for this attack that murdered 700 Israelis, $150 billion to murder innocents, in order to preserve your political standing. Also, right after you made this video, your staff spirited you right out of Israel. And I wonder if you got special treatment to get on a plane to get out of the war zone.” he added.

Boteach then extended Booker an opportunity to prove his friendship by saying, “The only hope for our friendship and your relationship with Jewish Community is for you to finally come to the well of the Senate floor this week and condemn your own vote to give billions to Iran and by extension Hamas and to apologize profusely, and beg forgiveness of the innocent Iranian people being brutalized by their Government and the world Jewish community.”

“Otherwise, we are not interested in these posts,” he went on to say, adding, “Words are cheap Cory. Remember all the Torah we studied together? It’s action that counts.”

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