CNN Absolutely Roasted For “Delusional” Praise That Biden Is “Most Transformative President In 75 Years”

(Rallying Patriots) – The emperor has no clothes.

The entire Biden presidency is built on the mere shadow of a man who still seems to be hidden away from the press and has set a record for the longest a US president has gone without giving a press conference in 100 years.

However, the “delusional” fake news peddlers over at CNN are still fawning over the proverbial emperor’s proverbial clothes, earning themselves a serious online roasting for the ridiculous coverage of this bizarre presidency.

Leftist academic Jeffrey Sachs, best known according to BizPac Review for his “frequent appearances on MSNBC and his pro-China positions on trade and health” penned the piece, hilariously titled “Joe Biden could be the most transformative president in 75 years.”

This alone drew the deafening laughter of netizens:

The hilarity did not end with the absurd title, however.

Sachs asserted in the piece that Biden has the opportunity to put in place a radical progressive agenda so striking that he would “become the most transformative president since Franklin D. Roosevelt,” who put the New Deal into place.

However, the New Deal created, as Infowars notes, “massive infrastructure spending, massive increase in entitlements, massive investments in renewable energy and maybe even some reparations to boot.”

It is true that what is the most nightmarish about Biden’s presidency is the kind of “transforming” that might be about to take place.

The administration is enthusiastically supporting blatantly false progressive talking that were only heard in the furthest-left wings of the party.

Things like critical race theory, massive federal funding increases, gun control, policies undermining the integrity of elections, open borders, and the radical green agenda are just some examples of the way that the Biden administration is set to “transform”—and destroy our country.

“We should expand the role of the federal government and find the extra tax revenues to support that increase. … Such an increase in taxes should not be very hard to achieve in view of the massive profits of corporations and the megawealth of America’s richest individuals,” Sachs wrote in his piece.

“Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are rightly calling for a tax on ultra-wealth, starting at $50 million and above. It would raise an estimated $3 trillion over the next 10 years,” he continued.

This would kill economic growth and likely drive capital flight, as such policies have done in Sweden.

“Sweden’s wealth tax, for example, was frequently blamed for capital flight and a depressed rate of national entrepreneurship. Relative to other European nations, Swedes were less likely to own their own business, and those who did often took their money elsewhere rather than reinvest it at home. The founder of Ikea, for example, moved much of his wealth into offshore foundations that shielded the money from the tax,” Reason magazine explains.

Sweden ultimately eliminated their tax in 2007. The same thing has also been tried, and failed to stick, in several nations including Australia, Denmark, Germany, Finland and Luxembourg.

Sachs thinks that Biden is going to pull it off somehow.

Infowars notes, however, there is one simple problem:

The Senate still stands in the way of much of the Biden admin’s radical plans.

This is why 2022 is of the utmost importance—Sachs probably isn’t ready for the massive red wave that could crash all over this precious “transformation.”

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  1. What is ‘progressive’ or ‘transformative’ about taking giant steps toward being called, ‘Communist People’s Republic Of North America’, causing the destruction of the greatest Democratic Republic the world has ever known, in the process ??!!


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