Chuck Schumer Unveils Legislation To Make Voter Fraud Legal In The US… Trump Supporters Are FURIOUS (VIDEO)

(Rallying Patriots) – The Democrats know they can’t win elections if they can’t cheat. The COVID-19 scamdemic gave them the perfect opportunity to overhaul election operations and procedures around the country and now they want to make those changes permanent.

You know, to “protect” democracy and freedom, of course.

The left is just full of liars and con artists. They can’t possibly believe the bogus election “reform” bill they’re pushing has anything to do with preserving Americans’ rights. They know full-well the bill is just a means for them to stay in power election after election.

Months ago, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer introduced a sweeping “voter rights” bill that would essentially legalize fraud and delegitimize US elections altogether.

The legislation would be a federal takeover of elections despite the fact that the Constitution expressly grants control and oversight of elections to the states. As with every other issue, the Democrats could care less what the US Constitution says. They’d be happy to see it shredded.

Democrats have been touting the bill as a means to save “democracy” and protect Americans’ right to vote but given what’s actually in the bill, we know these are outright lies.

The Gateway Pundit sums it up:

The law will provide same-day registration that makes it easier for Democrats to cheat. The law also expands mail-in voting that allows Democrats further opportunities to cheat. And the bill allows felons the right to vote. The bill also allows a “workaround” on voter ID so anyone who walks into a polling center will be able to vote. It is the Democrat dream. Of course, ballot boxes and ballot harvesting will also be allowed. Democrats count on these tactics to steal 5-20 seats in an election. In 2018 Democrats stole 7 California seats through ballot harvesting alone.

Ballot harvesting has been legal in California for a couple years now and as you can see, it’s been working like a dream for Democrats ever since.

In 2018, California lost 7 out of 14 Republican House seats thanks to the practice which is illegal in most states and for good reason.

The results in California back then drew the attention of House Speaker Paul Ryan who said that it “defies logic.” He went on to point out that the GOP was “only down 26 seats the night of the election, and three weeks later, we lost basically every California contested race.”

He further stated, “This election system they have — I can’t begin to understand what ‘ballot harvesting’ is.”

We’re all too familiar with ballot harvesting now.

What’s happening in California will be the future of America if Republicans do not fight back against these unconstitutional changes the Democrats are looking to make to the way elections work in this country.

Ballot harvesting is illegal all around the country and it should stay that way. It should be outlawed in California and the Democrats’ authoritarian election reform bill must never leave Congress.

America will be forever destroyed should they succeed in passing it.

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  1. I’ve lost almost all of my resolve today! I was so hopeful that there may be fair elections AGAIN after the debacle in November 2020, but after witnessing the Bologna that Happened in CA yesterday, knowing that all of it was most likely not on the up & up, plus realizing that NY & CA are too entrenched in Liberal Garbage for us to ever see the USA be a Fair & Free Country Again, all of my Hope has dissipated!


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