China Humiliated After First Images Of Olympics Courses Show Hideous Landscape And Fake Snow

(Rallying Patriots) – When the decision was made to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, one of the driest parts of China, we have to wonder if it was intentional so that the climate change hoax could further be perpetuated.

With the Olympics start date rapidly approaching, China is now doing everything they can to get enough snow in the region for the winter sports that are set to take place there in just a few short weeks.

Organizers have been utterly humiliated by the lack of snow and are now in a race to coat the mountains with fake snow before the big games kick-off.

This is just the latest headache for the Chinese government who is no stranger to putting on a show for the world. The government is already dealing with pandemic-related challenges impacting the winter games including attempting to fight off the omicron variant which is spiking all across the globe.

China is in the midst of several outbreaks in at least a half-dozen cities. The CCP is doubling down on its “zero-tolerance” COVID-19 policies and as a result more than 20 million people across the country have found themselves in some form of lockdown with many not being permitted to even leave their homes.

You can be sure there will be strict mitigation efforts for the Beijing Olympics, such as fans being told to clap only and refrain from shouting, cheering or singing. That’ll surely contain the virus!

The virus is so deadly and dangerous that people will not be allowed to sing, cheer or shout but they are still allowed to gather together in massive crowds. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

However, for the Beijing Olympics, mostly only Chinese fans will be permitted to attend as overseas spectators will not be allowed to travel to the communist country due to the so-called pandemic.

As for the “made-in-China” snow, it’s being created by local reservoirs which feed into an army of “snow guns” that mix water with compressed air to create the snow, which is then spread over various courses by workers.

According to an International Olympic Committee evaluation report, some areas will be relying completely on fake snow, such as Zhangjiakou and Yanqing where the alpine skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor events are set to take place.

The report states Beijing “underestimated the amount of water that would be needed for snowmaking for the Games” and “overestimated the ability to recapture water used for snowmaking.”

Making the snow is actually pretty easy, it’s the cost of making the snow that could become a problem. Water shortages may be exacerbated by having a reported 49 million gallons stripped from reserves for an event that CCP officials hope will repair the country’s image in the wake of the COVID pandemic which originated there.

Water shortages are a real problem in China. A study conducted last year and published in Nature found that groundwater has been badly depleted in northern China as a result of urbanization and irrigation resulting in water shortages for local residents.

China has claimed that the Winter Olympics will be “green” but in light of potential water shortages, that’s doubtful.

Naturally, many used the artificial snow as a reason to express concerns over climate change.

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