Chest Pain, Paralysis, Seizures: Woman Details Horrific J&J Covid Vaccine “Side Effects” From Hospital Bed

(Rallying Patriots) – The COVID vaccines have been heralded as the answer to the supposed pandemic despite over 98% of people surviving the virus. The only problem, besides the fact that the virus isn’t particularly dangerous, is the fact that the vaccines have not been tested sufficiently enough to claim they are “safe” or “effective.”

As a matter of fact, numerous health professionals, including Dr. Fauci himself, have conceded that the “vaccines” aren’t even real vaccines at all. They apparently do not prevent anyone from actually getting the virus but rather just make people asymptomatic.

This has been evidenced by the number of people who have tested positive for the virus even after being vaccinated. In some areas, that’s been hundreds of people.

So, the vaccine is only providing a false security for Americans who are so scared of the COVID-19 virus that they’re willing to make themselves human lab rats.

The “side effects” from the vaccines have ranged in severity and have even caused death in some cases. Of course, medical professionals who advocate for the vaccines won’t admit that these injuries and deaths are due to the vaccines but it’s become pretty obvious that’s exactly what’s going on.

One woman who received the COVID vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson has experienced a barrage of nightmarish symptoms. She posted a video to Tik Tok detailing her horrific post-vaccine experience.

“I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine yesterday,” the woman said after receiving the vaccine April 7. “Nobody knows if this is the reason that all this stuff is going on.”

Oh they know, they just don’t want to admit it.

In the video, Lauren explains it “Started with chest pain, paralysis on my left side.”

“I was rushed over via ambulance to [Baylor University Medical Center] where I have had numerous scans done. I have had about eight seizures in the last two days – never had a seizure before. They did find a 3mm brain aneurysm. I am currently hooked up to my EEG so they can monitor my seizures.”

Lauren revealed in a follow-up video that the symptoms started about 2 ½ hours after receiving the vaccine which included a 102° F fever.

Lauren’s social media post detailing her serious adverse reaction to the vaccine is not alone. These kinds of posts are piling up in number. There’s even another video of a woman who experienced head swelling as a result of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

This simply cannot be stressed enough: these vaccines are experimental drugs that have not been thoroughly tested. The American people are being used as the lab rats.

Side effects don’t just occur right after getting the vaccines either. It can take days, weeks, months and even years for the aftermath to be felt for many. Nobody is immune to adverse reactions from these dangerous drug concoctions.

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  1. Government is corrupt and boldface liars the vaccines haven’t been fully approved even government claims approved by FDA on an emergency basis however that means we the people are the guinea pigs for Big Pharma! Why would anyone get a vaccine that has a cure? Another reason government is lying to Americans because they know it is curable and why they continue to suppress the truth.


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