CDC Drops Truth Bomb: Shocking Number Of Omicron Cases Are In Vaccinated People!

(Rallying Patriots) – The left is desperately hanging on to the COVID pandemic with everything they’ve got. Despite the fact that the vaccines have now been available for months and a good chunk of the country’s population, along with the world’s, is vaccinated, the virus rages on.

In case you couldn’t tell from the name, COVID-19 is hardly the first coronavirus to affect humans and it won’t be the last. Nonetheless, unhinged leftists and psychotic globalists continue to scare whomever they can into submitting to the vaccine agenda.

Despite all of the left’s carefully crafted propaganda, the Omicron “variant” has turned out to be a big bust. There’s just no hiding the fact that not only is it primarily infecting those who have already been vaccinated but it’s also really just not that dangerous.

According to data from the CDC, nearly 80% of the omicron variant cases in the US are in people who have been fully vaccinated.

The data from Dec. 1-8 shows that 34 of the 43 known cases, or 79%, were “fully vaccinated” with one-third of the 34 cases being people who had received a third “booster” shot.

What’s more, only one of those 43 cases required hospitalization and no one died. Anyone else trying to figure out why we’re even still talking about COVID?

The answer to that is the vaccine. If it weren’t for the vaccine, the virus would likely be long gone and the entire “pandemic” ordeal, a thing of the past.

In Israel, where most of the population has received two shots plus a booster, 54 of 67 omicron cases, 80%, were people who had received three shots. That’s ridiculously high, especially when we’re being told the vaccines are “highly effective.”

Dr. Fauci is attempting to make lemonade with his omicron lemons. He confirmed the early data and concluded that this variant is much less dangerous than the delta variant but is more contagious. On Sunday, he urged everyone to just keep getting vaccines.

“But I think if you look at the data, the more and more it becomes clear that if you want to be optimally protected you really should get a booster,” he told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week.”

On Monday, however, the World Health Organization said the omicron variant is “making vaccines less effective but causing less severe symptoms,” leading to the obvious question, are more vaccines really necessary?

Only if you’re a maniacal globalist hell-bent on keeping the pandemic alive.

On Monday, Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University pointed to a study that found long-term T-cell immunity is strong and effective against omicron. In other words, people who have already had COVID and recovered, have pretty strong natural immunity to the latest variant.

“This is the most significant (and overlooked) scientific paper of the entire Omicron saga,” he wrote on Twitter. “The fixation on antibody levels has diverted attention away from comprehensive immunity, including cellular.”

Meanwhile, in South Africa, where researchers first reported the omicron variant to the WHO, it’s become clear the omicron is no threat.

Researcher Pieter Streicher said that immunity from prior infection is significantly high, around 70% of the population. He further added on Twitter that with the omicron variant being dominant, “the sense in [South Africa] is that the pandemic is almost over.”

Dr. Angelique Coetzee of the South African Medical Association said in an interview with the British independent broadcaster LBC that after four weeks of omicron in her country, “there’s no reason why you can’t trust us when we say it’s a mild disease.”

It’s about time for the entire COVID scam to end already.

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