BUSTED: FOIA Request Response Reveals Audit Documents Were Created Last Week For Georgia Election Audit Completed In November

(Rallying Patriots) – The Democrats have been doing everything in their power to obstruct lawful audits of the 2020 election results. One of their transparent tactics has been to hire audit firms that are corrupt and biased and willing to issue a clean report without actually auditing anything.

In both Georgia and Arizona, Democrats attempted to appease Republicans with these sham audits and in both states the same auditing firm was used.

Naturally, this auditing firm, Pro V&V, claimed everything was perfect in both states. The only problem is they never even looked at a single ballot in making their determination.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors claimed that Pro V&V was a “certified” auditing firm but, as the Gateway Pundit reported in January, that was not the case.

Pro V&V, which has ties to Dominion, was also previously used by corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in November 2020. Pro V&V was also not certified at that time (screen shot here).

According to a report by “Kevin Moncla” highlighted by the Gateway Pundit, a group of people attempted to look into the sham audit in Georgia performed by Pro V&V but when they did so, every search just kept ending back at the same Georgia Secretary of State page with Raffensperger’s statement summarizing the perfect results of the audit.

The actual report by Pro V&V was nowhere to be found. Moncla and his group decided to submit a FOIA request after not being able to find the report published anywhere.

The FOIA request specifically asked for the public records that “detail the results, contract, scope and report of the audit that the Secretary of State contracted or directed Pro V&V to perform on the Dominion Voting equipment and machines after the 2020 general election.”

It also added, “Please include the names of the individuals who physically performed the audit and any scope of work they were and were not permitted or allowed to perform that may be missing from the report, and the reason.”

What they got in response to their FOIA request was “bizarre and cannot be easily explained.”

Attached to an email were three documents including “Memo for field audit.pdf” which is presumably a memo written by Pro V&V outlining the work as requested by Raffensperger.

“Re Memo Audit for Review_redacted.pdf,” an email from the GA Secretary of State’s office approving the work detailed in the Pro V&V memo (screen shot here).

As well as, “Field Audit Report Final 1.1.pdf,” the resulting Pro V&V audit report.

At first glance those documents might not seem to be anything unusual or out of the ordinary but upon further inspection it was noticed that the date of the memo titled “Memo for Field Audit” is “Friday, July 16, 2021.” (Screen shot here).

Huh? The audit took place back in November. Yet, this memo appears to have been drafted on Friday, July 16, 2021. Not only that but the memo was created by Pro V&V owner Jack Cobb (screen shot here).

Clearly, upon receiving the FOIA request, Raffensperger’s office contacted Pro V&V and asked for a memo to provide and Cobb was happy to help out.

In the third memo “Field Audit Report Final 1.1.pdf,” what appears to be an audit report is provided. The report is 6 pages long but 5 of these pages are nothing more than standard definitions of terminology and voting system components.

Not only was Pro V&V not certified at the time but their report appears to be totally bogus and there’s no evidence that they even so much as looked at a single ballot from the election before declaring the election was clean.

This was just another shameful attempt by Democrats to hide the truth.

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  1. Do you honestly believe the powers that be will allow the government to be turned on its ear by divulging the actual truth? The Democrats loved Obama because he didn’t make waves and it could be business as usual and arrogantly assumed Hillary would be a shoe in but got caught flat footed when Trump won. Democrats were desperate to get back control through fair or fowl means. People who voted democrat can turn a blind eye because a Dem is in office. What they don’t realize is the Wolf isn’t at the door, the Wolf has been let into the house and is getting ready to tear it down. Lawsuit after lawsuit has been filed and dismissed letting you know without doubt that there will be no justice. Do you honestly believe any judge out there is going to stand for honesty, integrity and honor? They haven’t so far, claiming the plaintiff could not make the case. Even the most blind person could see during 2020 elections the irregularities occurring through videos made by The People, which was just the tip of the iceberg. No one will admit the truth because just like a 5 year old who claims he didn’t steal the last cookie, even as there is evidence of crumbs around his face but the words out of his mouth is “I didn’t do it”. We have nothing but 5 year olds in office and I’m ashamed of them all. I was raised that a person should always stand for what is right and honorable. No one ever promised right would be easy and a lot of the time doing the right thing is extremely hard but you do it anyway. Why, because it’s Right.

  2. The signatures of jack Cobb and Wendy Owens are from the same signer! I work with fonts every day of my life and can identify signature characteristics. I hope and pray that the democrats are digging such a huge hole that they all fall into it never to be seen again!


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