BREAKING: School Board To Pay Thousands Of Dollars To Settle With Anti-Woke, Christian Teacher

(Rallying Patriots) – All may not be entirely lost quite yet in America. When a Virginia teacher in Loudoun County was retaliated against by school officials for expressing his Christian worldview in regards to the school board’s transgender policies, the courts have agreed it was in violation of his First Amendment rights.

The school board has agreed to a permanent injunction and to pay $20,000 to settle the claims brought by teacher Tanner Cross. An announcement Monday from Alliance Defending Freedom says the injunction permanently prohibits the Loudoun County School Board from retaliating against Cross for expressing “his constitutionally protected views on the board’s transgender policy.”

The agreement is a permanent resolution of protection for Cross who had previously been granted his request for preliminary relief against retaliation by a country circuit court, which was upheld by the state Supreme Court.

The entire ordeal started when Cross attended a public school board meeting to express his opposition to then-proposed Policy 8040 which forces teachers to violate their conscious and religious beliefs by requiring them to address “transgender and gender-expansive” students by the pronouns of their choosing rather than the ones that align with their biological sex.

Cross was subsequently punished by the district. Now the board has agreed to remove any reference to the suspension it imposed on Cross from his personnel file. The board has also agreed to pay $20,000 toward legal fees.

The larger case against the policy itself, however, is still not resolved as two other teachers, Monica Gill and Kim Wright, were also added as clients alongside Cross. Their claims against the board still remain.

“Teachers shouldn’t be forced to promote ideologies that are harmful to their students and that they believe are false, and they certainly shouldn’t be silenced from commenting at public meetings,” said lawyer Tyson Langhofer.

“While we are very pleased that Tanner will be able to keep serving his students in light of this settlement, the concerns expressed in our ongoing lawsuit challenging the district’s policy remain. Public employees cannot be forced to contradict their core beliefs just to keep a job. Freedom—of speech and religious exercise—includes the freedom not to speak messages against our core beliefs. That’s why our lawsuit asks the court to protect the constitutional rights of our clients by immediately halting enforcement of this harmful school district policy.”

The court complaint charges that if the teachers were forced to follow the board’s demands, “they would be forced to communicate a message they believe is false—that gender identity, rather than biological reality, fundamentally shapes and defines who we truly are as humans, that our sex can change, and that a woman who identifies as a man really is a man, and vice versa. But if they refer to students based on their biological sex, they communicate the views they actually believe—that our sex shapes who we are as humans, that this sex is fixed in each person, and that it cannot be changed, regardless of our feelings or desires.”

The then-proposed transgender pronoun policy was later adopted, however, the Daily Caller News Foundation has reported that the school board did vote on a revised professional conduct policy to specifically mention “protected speech” and the First Amendment rights of employees.

Despite the left’s best efforts to completely dominate society through bullying and propaganda, there is still hope for Americans who refuse to submit to their radical agenda.

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