BREAKING NEWS: Fully Vaccinated Health Care Worker Catches COVID Twice Within Record 20 Days

(Rallying Patriots) – Not only do the COVID shots not stop the transmission of the virus but it turns out, they might even speed it up.

A Spanish healthcare worker has reportedly tested positive for two different variants of COVID just 20 days apart. That’d be the shortest-known interval between infections ever.

Of course, the 31-year-old healthcare worker has been fully vaccinated and boosted. She tested positive for the Delta variant in late December and then tested positive again for the Omicron variant in January, according to the BBC, who cited Spanish researchers.

She was asymptomatic after her first positive PCR test but then developed a cough and a fever less than three weeks later so she decided to take another test.

The “experts” are stating the obvious. They’re saying that her case is proof that people can get infected multiple times even if they have been fully vaccinated and boosted against the virus.

This is just further proof of the vaccine’s complete and total ineffectiveness. Leftists, however, will insist it is working because the healthcare worker didn’t die. As if a healthy 31-year-old was at some kind of great risk of dying from COVID.

Dr. Gemma Recio, the study’s author, informed the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infection Diseases that the case shows that Omicron can “evade the previous immunity acquired either from a natural infection with other variants or from vaccines.”

She said that “people who have had COVID-19 cannot assume they are protected against reinfection, even if they have been fully vaccinated.

“Nevertheless, both previous infection with other variants and vaccination do seem to partially protect against severe disease and hospitalization in those with Omicron,” added Recio, of the Institut Catala de Salut, Tarragona in Spain.

So keep getting those COVID shots and boosters. They’ll keep you alive! Forget your immune system. It’s the COVID shots that are keeping people from dropping dead from COVID.

COVID reinfections surged in December 2021 after Omicron hit the scene, which was much more infectious than previous strains but also much more mild.

Another wave of infections came in March when a slightly different version of Omicron hit.

Despite vaccinated and unvaccinated alike becoming infected, the left still continues to push the vaccine and hail it as a lifesaver.

Never mind the countless deaths being caused by the vaccines. The medical establishment doesn’t want you to worry about those. The important thing to focus on is that you won’t die from COVID. All other manners of death are insignificant.

The COVID vaccines are the biggest scam ever pushed on the world. Anyone with a brain can clearly see that not only do they not work, they’re also incredibly dangerous.

It’s time to stop volunteering to be lab rats for Big Pharma and the world’s medical establishment.

The irony is that the left insisted President Trump had blood on his hands because he refused to do a national, federal lockdown during the height of the COVID charade.

If Trump has blood on his hands, then Biden is covered in blood. There have been small children who have gone into cardiac arrest after getting shot up with these experimental shots. Where is the outrage?

Typical leftist hypocrisy.

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