BREAKING: Even With Biden Interview, Fallon Can’t Top Fox News’ ‘Gutfeld!’

(Rallying Patriots) – Whether you’re a fan or not, the fact remains that the programming on Fox News continues to make enormous gains in ratings, and now their late-night shows are starting to pummel the competition from major networks in the most glorious ways.

According to BizPacReview, there was a time in our culture when a late night host conducting a sit-down interview with a current president meant that particular program was the show everyone needed to watch.

Who wouldn’t want to learn more about the leader of their country? However, it seems in the age of Joe Biden, more folks would rather tune in for a few good laughs by watching a late-night news/comedy show.

“A week of standard programming (without hosting presidents) netted Greg Gutfeld’s eponymous show second place, with an average of 1.9M viewers, which is massive for the network. The only other Fox News show to even crack the top 10 was ‘Fox News @ Night’ with host Shannon Bream, which averaged less than a million views,” the report stated.

The “Tonight Show” only pulled in 1.6M average viewers during the same week.

“But breaking down the numbers further, Fox News media reporter Joseph A. Wulfsohn noted that Gutfeld still had more viewers than Fallon even during his interview with Biden, which ended up being a remote affair with the president on a screen instead of in a chair,” BPR reported.

Folks on Twitter had a whole lot to say on this:

Okay, that one right there might be the best of the lot.

BPR, in a different piece, provides a perfect example of what makes Gutfeld so ridiculously funny.

“Fox News host Greg Gutfeld blasted ‘The Squad’ for trying to stick American taxpayers with another massive bill after two of its radical-left members, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), complained on the House floor about their student loan debt,” the story said.

“President Joe Biden reportedly plans to end the current pause on student loan repayments effective February 1, 2022,” BPR said.

Gutfeld decided to take a few moments on his program to teach the politician a thing or two about the free market system, which includes taking personal responsibility for yourself, something AOC and her ilk seem to know very little about.

“You know what? Screw you! No one has to pay your damn debt! That’s on you! It is not a moral obligation on anybody for the decisions that you made,” the host said, looking directly into the camera.

“You know what’s better? Why not do car loan debt…that’s more egalitarian. AOC probably doesn’t have a car in New York, right? She doesn’t need one, or she has a driver. I bet that driver has car loan debt. Why don’t we do car loan debt?… that’s more for the working class than for these overeducated, overcaffeinated idiots,” he continued.

Gutfeld then acknowledged that he would be behind the idea of student-debt cancellation “if the colleges paid for it, or if the banks did. But you put that on taxpayers, I will join the Army because you ain’t making me pay for your stupid [debt],” he stated, seemingly holding back an expletive.

It’s about time the right had an answer for the late night dolts. And to see his show being more successful ratings wise is absolute bliss.

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