BREAKING: Doctors Issues Dire Warning Against Vaccinating YOUR Children

(Rallying Patriots) – The general population is not at a very great risk of developing complications from the Chinese coronavirus. Children are especially not at risk of the virus and yet the push to vaccinate them all is now underway.

After the CDC gave their approval for the Emergency Authorization Use of the Pfizer vaccine, school districts everywhere are pushing the vaccine hard on children as young as 5.

This is an extremely scary prospect. The vaccine will surely cause much greater harm to children than the virus ever could, not to mention who knows what kind of “breakthrough” cases we’re going to see as a result of the mass vaccination of elementary school children.

Many have concerns over the push to vaccinate young children. A group of scientists and physicians held a summit in Florida over the weekend in an effort to warn the American people of the dangers of vaccinating a population that is at very little risk of severe infection from COVID-19.

On Saturday, in Ocala, the Florida Summit on Covid addressed three major questions including, “do young children need vaccination against COVID?”, “are the vaccinations safe?” and “are unvaccinated children a threat to adults?”

Each question was answered by experts using actual studies and data and in each case, the answer refuted the federal government’s position on vaccinating children.

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology asserted that inoculating 28 million children ages 5-11 could result in “1,000 or more excess deaths” while the risk from COVID-19 to healthy children is “about zero.”

Clinical epidemiologist Paul Alexander said, “We’ve been fed a lot of misleading information … children don’t get severely ill … children don’t die from this infection.”

Texas ophthalmologist Dr. Richard Urso pointed out that “In Sweden, where schools were kept open, there was ‘not a single death of a child from COVID.’”

In the US, we’re being made to believe that children are falling gravely ill and dying left and right from COVID. The reality is, this is simply just not true.

According to the CDC, from Jan. 1, 2020 to Nov. 3 2021, 576 children under the age of 18 supposedly died from the Chinese virus. In a population of 74 million, that’s statistically a zero percent chance of death.

The CDC’s information, however, doesn’t paint the full picture. In a study of 48,000 COVID-infected children, not a single one of them died that was healthy without underlying health conditions such as leukemia or obesity.

In other words, healthy children do not die from COVID. This is the real science which was brought up and discussed by the experts at the summit in Florida as they argued against children being vaccinated.

They also pointed out that the risks of vaccination for children are ridiculously high. The risk of myocarditis has been found in studies to be three to six times higher in vaccinated adolescents.

A study by the CDC reported 14 vaccine-related deaths and 849 serious adverse reactions in children 12 to 17 years old.

The vaccines have the potential to kill or permanently injure perfectly healthy children while the virus does not. Does that really sound like a risk parents should be taking?

Despite the science indicating in every way that children do not need to be and should not be vaccinated, the push is on.

Parents, protect your children from these dangerous shots. RESIST.

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