BREAKING: Disney Heiress Lashes Out After Conservatives Take On The Woke Company

(Rallying Patriots) – Wealthy Disney heiress, Abigail Disney, went on an angry, delusional diatribe on Twitter Friday that was, sadly, not an April Fool’s joke, though it was comical.

Disney, the granddaughter of Disney co-founder Roy O. Disney, went off on “wingnuts” and right-wing “radical ideologues” in a long Twitter thread in which she blasted those who oppose the company’s “not-so-secret” political agenda of their efforts to groom young American children.

Disney went on the attack after investigative journalist Christopher Rufo shared two videos in which radicalized Disney higher-ups discussed the indoctrination of children by exposing them to homosexual activities and gender identity confusion in their TV shows and movies.

In a subsequent Tweet, Rufo also encouraged parents to take action and “wage moral war” against Disney’s deranged, left-wing radical LGBT agenda.

After Rufo released the videos, he tweeted that parents should no longer sit idly by and allow Disney to radicalize our kids.

That’s what sent the privileged, Disney heiress into a meltdown and led to an absurd 12-tweet diatribe laced with lies, misinformation and leftist propaganda.

“Like all radical ideologues, the right wing has finally run amok and is coming to devour the hand that feeds it. Business. For my part I am delighted. It is the business world that has been, either by act or omission, feeding the opportunist right wing to distract,” Disney tweeted.

The 62-year-old billionaire, who has never actually done anything to earn her fortune, added that “‘anti-woke’ right wing nonsense” is “unsupported by a large majority of Americans” and even claimed that most Americans are “offended” by it.

Disney did nothing with her rant but prove just how out of touch and ignorant she and her fellow elites are. They actually think they can speak for Americans. What’s worse is they think they have the power to decide what bills should be made into law and which should be killed rather than the politicians who are elected by the American people.

Last we checked, no one elected Abigail Disney to represent them yet she feels thoroughly entitled to speak on our behalf. It’s disgusting.

The reality is, the majority of Americans are sickened by Disney and its radical LGBT agenda and want no part of it. That’s why Disney stocks are plummeting and why people are speaking out in record numbers.

Disney went on to assert that what the left does every day, you know, push absurd false claims and their radical agenda, is what the right does and claimed that the right does these things in order to “rule with a minority.”

She then said that the right has now “come for American businesses.” Interestingly, it has been the left who has come for American businesses and American businesses have kowtowed left and right to the radical left’s agenda. Case and point: Disney.

Disney just can’t seem to accept the fact that Americans don’t appreciate corporate wokism as much as she would like us to. She doesn’t want to believe that the backlash the Disney company is feeling is a result of their own actions and words and has nothing to do with the right at all.

Disney’s diatribe went on to claim that the right is also attacking the left with money. Says the entitled billionaire who’s throwing a tantrum because consumers have sent a message.

The tweets just kept getting more and more absurd as they went on. The next-two accused her own company of supporting the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida because of it “silence” and then carried that thought through to blame the entire US business community for supporting “racism and the xenophobia and the misogyny” by not speaking against Trump and his supporters.

Never mind the will of the American people. Corporations are king in the US, at least in Abigail Disney’s world.

Disney even said as much in her tweets when she said that she hoped her corporate colleagues would use their lobbyists to attack Republicans and “Trump wanna-bes” who are advancing common sense legislation to protect children, which is supported by the American people.

She further claimed that corporations have somehow “created” evil right-wing conservatives by refusing to outright attack them.

She ended her rant by promising the world that Disney has the resources needed to fight against parents and their elected political representatives and that Disney will use that power to continue pushing their anti-family, anti-American radical agenda on vulnerable children no matter what.

She further stated that Disney will crush Christopher Rufo after calling him names like a typical leftist.

“Right now, when it matters most of all, they will stand for those values with every fiber of their being. Yeah guys like Rufo can try, but Disney is so much bigger, means so much more to the American people than that little punk can ever hope to mean,” the leftist wrote in her final tweet.

Isn’t it fascinating how leftists blame everyone else for the very things they are guilty of doing and the way in which they refuse to take responsibility for their own behavior and words.

Disney is a delusional, entitled elitist who doesn’t care a hoot about the American people or children, for that matter. It is Disney that has decided to wage a moral war against the American people and it’s the right of the American people to respond.

She doesn’t get to lecture us and tell us how we think and feel.

Stand strong against Disney. The company has gone to trash and if you value your children’s innocence you’ll take action and cancel Disney. They are no longer the beacon of children’s entertainment they once were and are not worth the cost their radical agenda will inflict upon American children.

Not to mention the fact that Abigail Disney clearly thinks she knows better than you do and has thrown a temper tantrum at the thought of anyone daring to disagree with her. It’s time to put elites like her in their place.

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